Kord's Letter

Cysero | Friday, February 24, 2017


AQ3D Final Battle

"It is with a very heavy heart that I write this letter. I'm afraid to report that your son has gone missing while on patrol and I fear the worst has happened. 

Althesus was a good DragonSlayer. Given time and tempering, I believe that he had the makings of a great one. Galanoth, a man of very few words, even once remarked on your son's potential. In battle he was fearless and determined. In camp he was lighthearted and helpful. I can honestly say that he was a joy to be around and the DragonSlayer Order gained a son the day that he joined our ranks. 

He spoke warmly of you both and his little brother, Talmier. He hoped that his little brother would join him one day in the Order and often entertained the troops with tales of the two of them fighting "the dricken hordes" back home when he was younger. 

As you know, he distinguished himself during our battle against the dragon Estreth who had been raiding your village and stealing your livestock. It was his knowledge of the area and his quick thinking that carried the day and it was easy to say yes when he asked to join the DragonSlayer Order.

AQ3D Fallen DragonSlayer

He learned quickly, making the rank of Drake Hunter in near record time and took his Flame tabard shocking early.

I do not know if he explained but the Order has tabards of three colors, each signifying your style of combat against dragonkind. The Gold tabard represents a balanced approach, favoring neither attack nor defense. Those who take the gold make good soldiers and infantry. Their balanced approach often serves them as strategists in combat. 

The Sky tabard represents a defensive approach. Those who take the blue often end in support roles such as shielding other DragonSlayers in combat, protecting the weak, mastering healing arts and maintaining crucial DragonSlayer supply lines. 

The Flame tabard represents an offensive approach. Those who take the red are the masters of combat who are often found in the front lines on a battlefield or serve as scouts, seeking danger, finding the threats before they find us. Your son was one such scout. 

AQ3D DragonSlayer Tabards

When we received reports of dravir activity in an area called the Upper Firefields, he volunteered to scout ahead without hesitation. He was to report back as soon as he could confirm the presence of the enemy.

His report is several days overdue at this point. I cannot speak in absolutes but in almost every case this means that we have lost a DragonSlayer in the line of their sworn duty. Considering your son's dedication to our cause and advanced level of skill, I'm afraid that this can be the only plausible explanation. 

I have sent his footlocker containing his few possessions and hope you find them in good order. I also hope that you can take some comfort knowing of our high regard for him and how keenly we will feel his absence as we set up our campaign here in Ashfall. We share in your grief at his loss. 

DragonSlayer Commander"

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