Artix Krieger | Friday, February 17, 2017

AdventureQuest 3D Open Beta Trailer Video

Watch the AdventureQuest 3D Open Beta Trailer

You get to see it first, before we go to GDC (The Game Developers Conference) in 2 weeks! (We have a couple extra passes for the Expo. If you are in San Fransisco and want one, let me know below.) Did anyone catch my live stream when I was working on this trailer?

  • 10/10 - Doctors agree it is an excellent source of calcium when served with milk.
  • 93% - Players unanimously agree that it works about that percentage of the time.
  • 5 Stars - Out of all of the visible stars in the known universe
  • Best Mobile Game of 2017 and 2016 out of all games with the exact name: "AdventureQuest 3D"

What is AdventureQuest 3D and how can I skip paying $1,450,999.99 and simply play it FREE? (Save $1,450,999.99)

Created by the same friendly yet self-deprecating team that brought you the original AdventureQuest & AdventureQuest Worlds... we have re-imagined the game as a true cross-platform 3D MMORPG. We are currently in Open Beta so that everyone can join in on the testing while we make huge improvements and tons and tons and tons and tons of new places to go and monsters to do battle with. Even though this paragraph was written for players not familiar with the game yet... I know YOU are reading this just to find out if we are going to say about our highly anticipated upcoming new saga, "The Dragons of Ashfall" to which I finally, and formally officially announce, that barring anything short of a world destroying cataclysmic event, we will be releasing live on Wednesday. Shhh. Do not tell anyone. We know you were the only person dedicated and smart enough to read this. Now go watch the living heck out of that trailer and let the feels hit you like a critical hit reminding you why you love this game project. Battle on!

Play AdventureQuest 3D free on your computer, phone, or tablet at

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