Just released! Random Adventures

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Random Adventures

Random Adventures just released!

You can now click on the Travel Crystal in town to go on a random adventure. Earn Battle Gems, bring them to Cysero and use them craft pieces of the Beta Berserker set at the forge! This is something fun to do while you wait for the Dragons of Ashfall: Part III which is in heavy development now.

Everything you need to know... summarized

  • You can click on the Crystal and choose "Random Adventure"
  • No keys are required. WHAT!? O_O
  • You will be thrown in a dungeon with another random player and fight your way to the boss!
  • Everything is scaled to level 5 so everyone in the Beta can play.
  • The final BOSS monster of a Random Adventure will drop a Battle Gem 100% of the time.
  • Mini-Bosses have a chance of dropping an extra Battle Gem.
  • Any monster in a random adventure has a chance to drop a Battle Shard... 10 of these can be turned into another bonus Battle Gem
  • Do all of your crafting at Cysero's Forge. Simply talk to him.
  • The Beta Berserker items will ONLY be available for Beta players like you to craft.
  • We go live on Friday the 13th, 2017, so you have plenty of time-- pace yourself.
  • Dage is working on more items to craft O_O
  • This release includes 2 Random Dungeons
  • Yergen is making more dungeons and adventure maps. (A lot more)
  • In fact, he already has a new Frost Dungeon nearly complete.
  • As the game grows and expands, we will use our newest assets to create new, fun, and interesting adventures.
  • No, they will not all be "dungeons". Some adventures will be outside, or in buildings, or well, anywhere.
  • We can get REALLY creative.
  • The first 2 dungeons are super simple-- and that was intentional.
  • We are eager to see feedback on the room sizes, number of monsters, and time it takes to complete one of these quick dungeons.
  • Based on your feedback we are going to make changes to make this as fun as possible

Hope you enjoy this release!

We have been heavily entrenched in the development of our current main storyline's epic finale, The Dragons of Ashfall: Part 3. So I am really grateful to Yergen for creating these dungeons and to Oishii & the testing team for getting this live with such short notice. Even if this system is not perfect yet, it is really nice to have something new to do while waiting for the Ashfall finale. You should notice that the room sizes and monster density is a lot more-- "carnage paced" than our previous dungeons.

While we want a lot of variety in the game, for a short-burst "I have a few minutes to kill, can I run a dungeon?" this is exactly what we needed, just like the Battle Button in the original AdventureQuest game. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and creative ideas!

Random Adventures are now live in AdventureQuest 3D on Steam (PC/MAC), Apple iOS, and Android devices.


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