10 Days Left for the Alice in Chains Battle Concert!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The count down has begun...

The special event with musical guest Alice in Chains ends on November 30th. If you have not experienced the Battle Concert or gotten all of the items you desired yet... hurry, you do not have much longer!


Between now and then we are going to do a few special shows and events! Like... coordinate a few shows where the entire AdventureQuest 3D team joins you at the show? A few lobby and back stage "anything goes" live events?

QUESTION: What time and days would be best for you?

QUESTION 2: Also, what gamers, streamers, influences should we invite? I mean... we can legit invite any celeb on the internet to go to the concert with us O_O. So, why not? Make me a list and I will start contacting them.


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