Icosahedron-Earth Theory

Artix Krieger | Sunday, April 7, 2019

Is our world really a 20-sided die?

Can you believe, in this time of magic & dragons, there are still some people who think the world's not round? It is one of the most frustrating conspiracy theories being spread today. Of course I am talking about the Icosahedronalists, who believe our world is, in fact, a 20-sided die.

A crazy conspiracy for our fantasy age

We're not sure who started this rumor, but speculation has been spreading wildly. "If we're not on a globe, where is the edge?" asked one hero as they zoned from Doomwood into Ashfall.

Conspiracy theorists have argued everything from how the sun appears to be at a different place in each area, why it is not possible to see the World Tree from everywhere on our continent, to why no one is able to look over certain mountains. "It is like invisible walls are holding us into the sides of the die," says another Hero with the smug cheekiness of someone who's feels above ever needing to take a geomancy class.

And... if we are on a 20-sided die. Is it floating through space? Are we in the middle of being thrown? Which... number are we standing on?

YouTuber documentary in the works to find "the edge"

A few ambitious Youtubers are in the process of making a documentary to "find the edge"... definitely for strict academic purposes and not at all to boost their own popularity and notoriety. In this documentary they will traverse the world seeking to prove, or disprove, that our world is a 20-sided die.

As for this Lore Master, rest assured that I will not be bamboolzed and decieved by yet another one of these ludicrous ideas. The world is a globe. Don't take my word for it. We've all seen the screenshots of the world from the other games. 

Wait... games...

OMG... are we living in a simulation?



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