2020 Mogloween Collection and More!

Glisel | Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Explore the town of Mystcroft to find all of the Mogloween treats!

With 40 craft-able items, secret drops, the 2020 Mogloween Collection, and slime fountain fishing, this is the largest number of Mogloween items ever to be released!


But first-- Flying witches brooms, Hex the cat, Goardian armor and...

Mogloween Collection 2020

The new 2020 Mogloween Collection

Visit the Mogloween NPC on Battleon Bridge or find Mayor McPumpkins in Mystcroft Town to see the newly added 2020 Mogloween Collection.

  • "I Scream for Mogloween" badge
  • Ghoulish Gourd Pet
  • Hex the Cat (Pet)
  • Witch on a Broom (travel form)
  • Warlock on a Broom (travel form)
  • Mogloween Bow
  • The Caster 74.A (cosmetic rod)
  • Jack-O-Bobber (fishing bobber)
  • Gourdian Knight armor set
  • Gourdian Knight Sword
  • Fiery Gourdian Knight Helm (alternate helm)
  • Doctor Bloodstone's armor set
  • Wish Dealer (weapon)
  • Cursed Wish Dealer (weapon)
  • Batwing Broom (weapon)
  • Xandor's Firespike Broom (weapon)

You can get these pieces individually, or save a ton of DragonCrystals by getting the entire collection which includes a badge, title, and permanent access to the collection from the bank (so you do not need to take up any inventory space.)

Trick or Treat

Go Trick or Treating in the Town of Mystcroft!

Trade your Candy to Andy Corn for...

  • Pumpkin Staff (weapon)
  • Sword of Candycornia (weapon)
  • Candy Apple Mace (weapon)

Trade your Candy to Hexalina Caster for...

  • Arachnarette's armor set
Doctor Trollensteins Lab

Doctor Trollenstein's Lab

"He's undead! He's undead!" Doctor Trollenstein & his creation are back! Head to the mad science lab and take on the buzz saw and laser filled challenge. The door is near the fountain in the middle of the haunted town.

Doctor Trollenstein

The Doctor is in!

Stop in for a check up and gather the pieces to craft the all new Iron Bat armor set!


Mystcroft Manor

Thadeus Glume the Ghost

The spectre near the haunted mansion can help you craft the Dark Ghoulish Gourd Head! It is a flaming dark pumpkin head.

Mogloween Fishing

Fishing in the Slime Fountain (level 5+)

The age old seasonal sport of "bobbing for candyfish" has arrived! Turn in the Candyfish and Pumpkin Puffers you catch to Andy Corn to create...

  • Skelesuits
    • The Black & Bone White Classic Original Skelesuit!
      "Get a gang together and find a kid named Danny to fight in the parking lot inspiring a 3 movie, 2 season television series franchise!"
    • Red Skelesuit
    • Blue Skelesuit
    • Orange Skelesuit
    • Pink Skelesuit (why.... why!?!?!)
    • Purple Skelesuit
    • Green Skelesuit (Not pictured because it was too awesome and we did not want to hurt the other skelesuits feelings)
    • Gray Skelesuit (Really this is just the normal skelesuit that has been put through the wash to many times and is slightly faded.)
  • Dark Ghoulish Gourd Bobber (fishing bobber)
    • "Trick or treat little fishy!" (Spoiler: It's a trick)
Skelesuits in front of the Haunted House

The Haunted House

Within the haunted Mystcroft Manor you will find a talking cauldron named Myx. Give him your pumpkin seeds to create...

  • Grave Raider (weapon)
  • Grave Raider and Shield (weapon)
  • Pumpkin and Dagger (weapon)
  • Deluxe Wolf Man Mask (helm)
Wolf Man Mask

There are also additional hidden drops on some of the monsters throughout Mystcrofts maps. I am not even allowed to post pictures of them. Hop in game, get in costume and...

Hidden Drops everywhere...

Happy Mogloween!

...from all of your friends here at AdventureQuest 3D

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