The Great 2024 Shop Lock Bug!

Artix | Thursday, March 14, 2024

Hey guys,

In the past week we moved all of game & database to new server hardware. We also updated the game with a new version. But .... then a serious problem was reported.

Shops Broke

The last version of the game broke shops. Well, shops worked... just the thing that locks them broke. This is (was) a critical bug effecting certain shops locked behind quests, achievements, HeroMart purchases, and any other shops that had requirements. During the time this bug was live 63,000+ items that were not supposed to be accessible were obtained. This was pretty bad (understatement of the year).

Fake Letter floating around online

To make matters weirder, someone posted a fake letter about the situation on social media. It looked pretty official. We did not write it. Really weird. This is the first and only official post on this issue. Please feel free to debunk it and post this real one instead.

What we are doing

Due to the magnitude of this issue, we took the super logical action of just deleting items from anyone who should not have them. No harm, no foul, no bans... just fixed the issue. We are sorry and apologize to you that this terrible bug happened.

Moving forward

We are currently working on housing which is a really big feature for the game. It is a really good thing for the game. Whether for this, or for new features, more unexpected things may break in the future. We will always do our best to solve issues fairly and quickly. Thank you for being so understanding and supportive when things like this happen. It is a part of our culture to make a joke game item commemorating these sorts of moments. So... what should we make for this one? Since this is the "Great 2024 Shop Lock Bug" what should it be? A skeleton key and title? A cape with an open lock on it... with the description "Every shop in the game broke and all I got was this cape" description?

Tell us what you would like in the comments below!

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