27,000 Moglins

Artix Krieger | Monday, April 8, 2019


Creating 27,000 Moglins

We just got an update from the "Magical Tower of Moglomancy" where they are constructing 27,000 plush Moglins. I wanted to share the latest production pictures and news with you right away!

If you have not read our previous updates about the Moglin Kickstarter... be sure to check them out first.

"That's a whole lotta cupcakes"

The Moglins are in the final stages of being filled with fluff and being "detailed". Which, in the plush toy manufacturing world is code for "getting dressed".

Scurvy being dressed for his upcoming boat ride.

The factory says only 3 weeks left until they board the ship and set sail. We are very much looking forward to receiving them here in Tampa, Florida, then sending them on their most exciting adventure... to see you.


Needless to say, do not expose your Shadow or Nightmare Moglins to direct sunlight... it burns! It burns!

The process of creating the physical Moglins is really exciting. So is creating the digital ones. We recently added the first custom in-game item from a backer into AdventureQuest Worlds. More soon to follow. Also, we just added a little special something for all backers...


Today we surprised all of the Moglin "I believe in Moglins" ($5) and above tier backers with a new bonus pet in AdventureQuest Worlds. We converted one of our 8-bit moglins from the Dungeons & DoomKnights NES game into vector art. If is available in your AQWorlds collection now.

Which, of course... brings us to the topic of "Moglomancer!"

Moglomancer Class

We are currently designing 3 new classes, including Moglomancer. This will definitely be an interesting class to play. And you will be able to. Because Moglomancer will be available for all players to earn after the promised early access period to the backers. Also, get ready for Undeadslayer and Berserker class... which includes a Beta Berserker variant just for you. 

We have been posting regular status updates on the official Kickstarter page, but in case you do not get those notifications or emails, thought you other interested players might appreciate a quick post here too. It has taken far longer than originally anticipated. But then again, we did not anticipate creating 27,000 Moglins either. That number actually sound pretty crazy... well, until you do the math on the number of Kickstarter + Backerkit backers who ordered physical plush Moglins x 12(-ish) and then also use the additional funds raised to increase the quantity produced. We are nearly at the finish line. I am so eager to receive the Moglins here and work alongside the team to ship them to you.

If you wanted to back but missed out, you can still back the Moglins on BackerKit.

About two weeks before the Moglins arrive here, we  will put out a final call for backers to update their mailing address (I recommend doing this now on backerkit if your address changed). Then we will lock down the orders, print the labels, and start shipping the moment the Moglins flood the lab.




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