3 vs 3 Pirate Ship Siege Battle

Glisel | Monday, March 30, 2020

"You sunk my battle... Pirate Ship!"

Experience our new naval warfare. Hop on a boat with a few allies and quest to build cannons and siege weapons to sink the enemy Pirate ship. It is a 3 vs 3 player siege. Sink yer foes and earn some new Siege Pirate gear for good measure, har har!

3 vs 3 Pirate Ship Siege Battle

Well, blangdang, here's what you need to know! Join one of two ships and work together to bring down the other side. Winner will receive loot and glory!

  • Defeat attacking forces to earn Siege Tokens
  • Use Siege Tokens to buy cannons, invading pirate crews, a captain, and more
  • Winning a ship battle will give you Plundered Goods which you can spend in "Crabby" Paddy's shop

Earn Siege Pirate Gear!

Unlock the....

  • Siege Pirate
  • Warning Siege Pirate
  • Rose Siege Pirate
  • Sandstone Siege Pirate
  • Tidal Siege Pirate
  • Chaos Siege Pirate
  • Blood Siege Pirate
  • Moon Siege Pirate
  • Royal Siege Pirate
  • Stealth Siege Pirate
  • Rugged Siege Pirate.
Pirate Siege

Become a Terror of the High Seas!

Wait, is this PVP?

Avast! It be about as real as a five legged moglin. It's two teams of heroes battling each other fer glory, but they be sending invaders do to their swashbuckling for them.

Try the Pirate Siege it in AdventureQuest 3D now

...and may the fates be favoring you out there me matey!


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