500% Funded!

Cysero | Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Today, you reached another stretch goal in the Moglins Kickstarter. By raising an unbelievable $75,000 for the project, the Moglins Kickstarter is now FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT FUNDED!

AQ3D Stretch goals


Reaching this stretch goal is important for a couple of reasons. First, of course, it means that everyone who has backed the Kickstarter at the $14 tier or above (even if you wait until the last day to pledge) will receive an Kickstarter Exclusive Green Moglin Pet! We don't know much about him/her/it yet but we know it will be Kickstarter Green!

More importantly to some people, it means that you are halfway to unlocking the Moglinmancer Class at the $150K mark!

The really insane thing is that this Kickstarter has only been running for NINE DAYS! You still have a whopping TWENTY-FOUR DAYS to reach this goal.

Think you can do it?



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