A Vampire Hunter Mystery!

Blaze | Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Join us in-game and battle evil for honor, glory, and the ShadowSunder Blade.

Greetings, Hero! A new mission has emerged from the shadows, beckoning you to a tale of mystery and sorrow. In every main saga zone, a new NPC awaits with a shop filled with gear tailored to your level. 

Additionally, we've supercharged the XP from questing in the early zones of the main story, and a week long  gold boost to boot! Let’s dive into the details!

A new Adventure/Quest: A Shadow of One's Self

Embark on a poignant journey in "Shadow of One's Self." A woman’s lover has vanished into the night, leaving only silence and mystery in his wake. She needs your help to uncover the truth of his fate. Can you solve the mystery and bring her closure? During the Darkovia saga, seek out Altaria in Boog's Tavern to begin the quest.

You will be rewarded with...

ShadowSunder, a blade that gleams with the promise of resolve and strength.

This new adventure unlocks half way through the Darkovia Saga.

You can play this new story adventure once you have completed the vampire & werewolf fueled Darkovia Saga. If you have not played through the Darkovia Saga yet, then prepare to step into the war between the Vampires and the Werewolves as both sides attempt to fulfill the prophecy of the Blood Moon. To begin or continue this level 18+ saga (That is level, not age.... although Safiria's dress really is something... the new quest is level 21. Which makes sense. It does start in a tavern after all.)  Open your adventure menu and go to Main Story and then Darkovia.

Get some gear… Justin Case

Players with low level gear have been asking where to get better gear during the main story. Look no further than Justin Case. He is a NPC dedicated to making sure you’re well-equipped for the challenges ahead. Justin's shop offers level-appropriate gear to ease your journey through each of the main saga zones. He is located at the beginning of each of the main saga zones.

Main Story XP Increase

We increased the XP for main story quests from Doomwood all the way to Ashfall, including dungeon side quests from Greenguard through Shadowskull Tower. These changes are designed to streamline your adventure, making it easier to progress through the main story uninterrupted.

Lunar New Year is Leaving

The Lunar New Year celebration is drawing to a close, and with it the Lunar New Year shop is now closed, but not to fret, hero!  The Dragon Guardian shop will transition to its new home in the Guardian Tower on Guardian Fortes. Make sure to secure your dragon-themed items before the Year of the Dragon festivities conclude!

Dage Collection Coming Next Week!

Next week heralds the arrival of the Dage collection, complete with blue flames and skulls. The update will include gifting and a challenging level 45 boss fight. Prepare your gear and rally your allies; epic battles and legendary rewards await.

See you in game and…

Battle On!

Your friendly neighborhood AQ3D team

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