Mobile Ads: What's Happening??

Glisel | Friday, March 17, 2023

Greetings and Salutations,

I would like to address an issue that has been bothering you. Mobile Ads. They have been broken for a long time. We know many of you are frustrated that fixing this issue is taking even longer. We are frustrated too. I’d like to discuss what happened, what we have done to address it, and what we’re doing now/going forward.

What happened?

Several months ago, you, the players, alerted us that the mobile ads randomly stopped working. We looked into this issue ourselves and were unable to solve it, so we asked Unity for assistance. Unity replied that our version of the Unity system was too old for them to assist us, so we went through the lengthy process of updating it. After the update, we hoped the ads issue would fix itself, but that didn't happen. Further investigation into the ads took a lower priority to more pressing needs that arose with the Unity upgrade, such as the shader issue of objects appearing all black, NPCs/monsters falling through floors, various dungeon mechanics breaking, bugged quest progression, equipped gear displaying incorrectly, etc.

After Artix, and the small team of devs going with him, returns from PAX East, the ads will take priority. We will reach out to Unity again and our lead coder Zhoom should have more time in his schedule to work on any potential fixes that Unity recommends.

When we make any significant progress with Unity on the ads, you will be alerted.

Thank you for your patience.

Battle on!

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