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Rellik | Tuesday, November 9, 2021

"We’ve uncovered more artifacts in the Sandsea!"

Valencia has been hard at work uncovering more artifacts from the mysterious dunes of the Sandsea, visit her in Nigel’s Office to see what’s been discovered!

Once you talk to Valencia, check out her Advanced Sandstorm Capstone Rewards Shop to preview and purchase the new sets! Need help getting to Bastion? Talk to Scratch in Battleon or use your Adventure Menu to get there quickly.

Jackal Warrior’s Capstone Set

Decorated with amethysts and rubies, the golden Jackal Warrior’s Set is a shining beacon of the Death God’s protection on the battlefield!

  • Jackal Warrior’s Headdress
  • Jackal Warrior’s Shoulder Plates
  • Jackal Warrior’s Plate Body
  • Shepherd’s Mantle
  • Jackal Warrior’s Gauntlets
  • Jackal Warrior’s Waist Guard
  • Jackal Warrior’s Greaves
  • Jackal Warrior’s Glaive
  • Jackal Warrior’s Glaive and Shield

Jackal’s Wrath Capstone Set

This savage breastplate is lined with supernaturally empowered gems that feed on the souls of those slain by its wearer, infusing the wearer with unnatural strength as they serve the Death God of the Sandsea!

  • Jackal’s Wrath Cowl
  • Jackal’s Wrath Pauldrons
  • Jackal’s Wrath Plate Body
  • Jackal’s Wrath Gauntlets
  • Crimson Mantle of Balance
  • Jackal’s Wrath Waist Guard
  • Jackal’s Wrath Greaves
  • Jackal’s Wrath Glaive
  • Jackal’s Wrath Glaive and Shield

Veteran’s Day Shield back items

At this time of year, we want to honor all who have defended their real life countries. Artix is in Yulgar’s Inn handing out commemorative golden shield back items emblazoned with a sword and dragons for those who have served and those who want to remember loved ones who have served. Visit his Special Gifts shop to get yours today!

  • Bulwark of Honor
  • Bulwark of Valor

Bonus XP Weekend, now with Class XP!

It’s all in the title! Play from Friday November 12th, 12PM EST and earn bonus Class XP as well as Player XP in game!

PvP Class Changes


Ranger's big AOE spell often takes too long to apply its damage, giving targets more than enough time to move away. This should help Ranger's damage stay more consistent.
- Rain of Arrows
* Applies damage over 3 → 1.8 seconds

Though it may sound appropriate for a Ninja, we felt the class has too much "hidden power" lurking in its abilities. We're taking some of the more passive power away from a couple spells in order to make sure that skillful play is required to get the full benefit from Ninja.
- Tempered Blades
* Max stacks Attack +30% → +21%
- Smokestep
* Removed bonus dodge chance

Ranged and support classes are currently underperforming in PvP, so we are using the class-specific buffs to make adjustments. Currently we have a Melee buff, and we're adding 2 more categories: Ranged and Support. Classes that cover multiple categories will receive the buffs from both. The only exception is Mage since the class is already doing quite well in PvP.
- Melee Buff
* +15% Max Health
* +10% Movement Speed
* Moglomancer now receives both portions of this buff instead of only the movement speed
* Received by Warrior, Rogue, Guardian, Dragonslayer, Paladin, Ninja, Berserker, and Moglomancer

- Ranged Buff
* +10% Damage
* Received by Healer, Ranger, Pirate, and Necromancer

- Support Buff
* +20% healing output
* Received by Healer, Paladin, and Moglomancer

We're overall pretty happy with the variety of PvP Spells in use, though we want to encourage more healing from support classes (from the PvP Buffs) while not increasing fight durations too much, so we're lowering the heal from Recover. We also want Swiftcast to have usage on more classes than just Mage, so we're adding some Auto-Attack speed to make it more attractive.
- Recover
* Health recovery 15-30% → 10-20%

- Swiftcast
* Now increases Auto-Attack Speed by 30%

Next week, a HOT new release

It’s Blaze’s Birthday Bonfire! He’s taking over the Social District in Battleon with a massive conflagration of monsters, unique items, and all of the FUN! Keep an eye out for it next week, it's gonna be fire. In fact you could even say it's lit.

See you in game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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