Newest AdventureQuest Version 1.29.0

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 25, 2019

AdventureQuest 3D version 1.29.0 is here to save us all

A "talon licking good" new version of AdventureQuest 3D was just released with a bunch of improvements and "Mage Lord Armor" quests released in Warlic's Magic Shop.

We have been hard at work at improving AdventureQuest 3D. Often surprised to find out that many people do not know that we wrote this game from scratch. That is, we built our server code from scratch-- and we built all of the core game components in C# using the Unity Editor as our development tool. Sure, we have used a fair share of third party resources like NGUI which controls our user interface. But even that is about to be phased out soon. Our game supports a large number of visibly customizable equip slots for an MMO. We have the ability to do even more.

We have 100% complete control over every part of the game. Which, LOL, is equal parts blessing and curse. For this release, we once again updated to a newer version of Unity. We have decreased the memory usage for the game. We also decreased the size of our asset bundles. The team is focusing hard on improving performance for you. So you should notice that each new version of the game between now and the end of this year will have a performance boost, bug fixes, and things to make the game less cumbersome and more fun.

A few notable improvements

  • You can now see level locked quests (You still have to be a high enough level to do them)
  • Quests that end in cut-scenes that teleport you places no longer break and do bad things O_o
  • Inventory! Moving or deleting items no longer causes it to go back to the top of your inventory. (Thank goodness!)
  • Item details now scroll properly
  • Notifications! We can now spam you like every other mobile game tries too XD But we'll be good, promise. So be sure to turn on your notifications for AQ3D when we finally start using it. O_O or else.

Behind the scenes there are some new things that are really going to help us make the game faster. Rolith improved our cutscene/dialog builder. We can reserialize maps faster now too. We updated our in-game bug hunting console. Not sure who added the thing that lets us see customization ID numbers... but we have been doing it from memory up till now, so that is really going to help. We also built a way to see where players are having trouble in the game so we can prioritize fixing those areas. This paragraph is probably not very exciting for you, but it is nice to see some of our log jams starting to get cleared from this end.

Warlic's Mage Lord Quests

The Mage Lord set was a popular magical based armor from AdventureQuest Worlds. Darkon recreated it in 3D and you can now do the quests to obtain it in Warlic's magic shop. I will do a full post with pictures tomorrow.

Lolosia Part II almost ready!

Ninjas, Tengu, Kappa, and a new island to explore. Our official release days are each Tuesday. At least, they are supposed to be. We had a few high priority schedule bumps-- so cross your fingers that we will be ready to set sail next Tuesday. Also, check the website every day this week for the latest news.




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