Adventurers Pack! Includes Lore Strider

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Adventuer's Pack is our official "Starter Pack"

Includes 500 DragonCrystals, the entire Lore Strider armor Set, gold, and XP Potions.... it is our official starter pack created for new players which costs $1.99.


  • Lore Strider Crown (With Dragon)
  • Lore Strider Single Shoulder
  • Lore Strider Double Shoulder
  • Lore Strider Belt (With potion and scroll)
  • Lore Strider Cape
  • Lore STrider Boots
  • Lore Strider Gloves
  • Lore Strider Armor

Existing Guardians got it free!

Are you a Guardian? Congratulations... you just got the adventurer's pack for free! We injected it into your account... and I think on top of the DragonCrystals included, it also gave you the boost that is going on this month. Double win. Everyone else has 24 hours O_O.

Limited Time?

You only have 72 hours to get the Starter pack. Getting it will unlock the entire Lore Strider armor set as a collection which you can access at any time from the bank. You can buy this pack in game by going to the main menu (The circle with three lines), and then choosing upgrade.

If you missed out, you can still buy the individual pieces later from Hootenhiem at the bank for DragonCrystals. But they will not be part of a collection.


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