April Fowls: The Chicken Cow Egg-vasion!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, March 31, 2022

Beak-ing News!

April 1st, 2022
Have you seen that meat-eor in the sky? I herd it just crashed into the Social District of town! "COW-BOOM!" It was actually a legen-dairy egg. The big egg-splosion unleashed... a high-steaks Chickencow Egg-vasion! (MooTube videos from Unrelia-bull sources show it to be a Special Event happening right now in AdventureQuest 3D and across 4 other Artix Entertainment video games.)

April Fowl's Day

The Chicken Cow Egg-Vasion!

Cow Tip: Our attackers are a complete source of breakfast when served with milk. 

Half-chicken, half-cow, and whole-stein... this is udder madness!  Get your dairy-aire in-game as fast as you can. We need to beef up our defenses. Maybe we can milk these monsters for loot. 

Chicken Cow Invasion

Stop the Apo-COW-lypse in 5 games!

Or is it Ar-MOO-geddon? Either way, this release is Egg-xactly what you need on the 1st day of April. Join us in AdventureQuest 3D or all of our games for this event.

AdventureQuest Worlds April Fowls

AdventureQuest Worlds

Our first world boss! A titan ChickenCow hatched from the Meateor. Every player in the entire world is attacking the SAME world boss. It is a single boss monster with a health bar that spans every server and every instance. There is a chance for you to get loot every time you hit it! Which is good.. because that thing has 500 Billion Hit Points! Also... you may notice that the meat-eor destroyed town. Use your gold to help rebuild and upgrade the Town of Battleon.

This weekend at www.AQ.com 

  • Battle the Titan ChickenCow world boss 
  • New! Chance to earn merge shop resources each time you hit the boss
  • Donate gold to help rebuild Battleon
  • Unlock new features in Battleontown as more gold is donated
  • New Rares Shop, quest rewards, merge shop items, and 2 character page badge
AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D

Prepare yourself for our 1st ever... 3D ChickenCow! The egg shaped comet crashed in the Social District of Town. You need to see this for yourself... 

This weekend at www.AQ3D.com 

  • Aria is in the Social District with a new quest
  • Farm the Invading ChickenCow to purchase new armor sets, weapons, and more!

AdventureQuest Original

AdventureQuest (Original)

Data agreggated from player feedback suggests that they eggspect an astronomically-large prank this weekend. When asked for a reply, developers said, "No comet." Sounds pretty suspicious to me. 

This weekend at www.Battleon.com 

  • Unlock the permanent Doomlight Emberheart set in our new Z-Token package
  • Loco returns for seasonal April shenanigans
  • A wild, misshapen pink mass has appeared at local farms O_O

DragonFable's April Fowl's Day


The Eggsalted Meateor has landed in Falconreach! As you sift through the remains of the once prosperous town, you catch sight of a large, oval structure looming over the destruction. Push past the fog and discover what horrors await inside…

This weekend at www.DragonFable.com 

  • ChickenCow Boss + reward drops
  • Extreme Boss Battle to earn a new Trinket
  • April DragonCoin special weapons
  • Bard Epoch Class release

EpicDuel's April Fool's Event


A new rift in the cosmos has scrambled the natural order of Delta V. Horrific hybrids from outside the known Universe have infiltrated the planetary protection field and invaded PvP. Battle friends and foes to egg-spose these egg-stra-terrestrial menaces and capture them for your own!

This weekend at www.EpicDuel.com 

  • New chickencow hairstyles
  • Over a dozen new PVP drops


"Mooo Ha Ha!"

We do not know who their Cow-mander is, or if they have some sort of Dairy Queen, but remember....  the bigger they are, the harder they fowl.

See you in-game for udder madness... 

Happy April Fowl's Day Hero! 

Happy April Fool's Day 2022

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