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Beleen | Monday, May 22, 2023

To the victor goes the spoils... erm, spoilers: new game features and updates in the works!  

Greetings my three-dimensional heroes! Beleen here, your ever-enthusiastic game girl, bursting with joy and blinding-pink text to share some incredible news with all of you. The AQ3D team has been hard at work creating features and content that will surely take your gaming experience to new heights. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage – like coofffeeee! – and allow me to fill you in on what's brewing behind the scenes in AQ3D!

*** Please note that these are our current plans, but things are subject to change. ***

Guild System Update 

First and foremost, let's talk about something that many of you have been eagerly anticipating: updates to Guilds! Guilds are already in AQ3D, but soon you’ll be able to band together with friends, fellow adventurers, and maybe even furries to form powerful alliances while unlocking new Guild goodies. Here’s a quick rundown of Guilds and the newness to come:

⚔️ Create your own Guild, or join a preexisting one

✨ Earn Guild XP whenever you or your guildmates earn XP

🐉 Level up your Guild to unlock different benefits

💥 Get Guild Power Buffs like bonus XP, bonus gold, and HP regen

🏆 Guild Leaderboards highlight highest-performing Guilds each month

⏰ Last Online to monitor activity – or inactivity – of guildmates 

With guild halls, guild perks, and exclusive guild buffs, the bonds between you and your guildmates will grow stronger with each passing achievement. ETA? No set date yet, but the team is making progress, and I’ll let ya know as soon as I have more information to spill 🫠

Breaking Ground on Homes 

Another thing that you and me and everyone else are super excited about: Player Housing! That's right, folks; the real estate market is popping, and soon you'll be able to have a cozy little cottage, a magnificent castle, or a quaint bungalow to call your own – all without ridiculous mortgage rates 🙌 Personalize your home to your heart's content with a wide range of furniture, decorations, and shiny things that reflect your adventures and achievements in the game. Customize your house based on your unique personality and invite your friends over for a fun hangout sesh or a crazy all-night (or all-knight) dance party.

ETA? We are just in the concepting phase, so the team can’t give an accurate time assessment. However, I’ll keep ya updated on the construction process since I really don’t wanna crash on Yulgar’s couch for much longer. 

New Item Enhancement System: Augments

Now let’s get revved up about a game-changing system that will revolutionize the way you enhance your gear: the Augment System! We've heard your requests for more customization in enhancing & buffing your weapons and armor, and so the Augment System is here to grant your wishes. Unleash the full potential of your gear by augmenting it with powerful enhancements called Augments, which will add unique bonuses to suit your character’s playstyle. I’ve seen just a snippet of the epicness unfolding, so here’s my layman's understanding:

  1. Augments affect the 6 core stats: Health, Attack, Armor, Evasion, Crit, and Haste.
  2. Every item will receive a random starting Augment; some Augments are common which will provide lesser stats buffs, whereas rarer Arguments will grant higher stat bonuses. 
  3. It is totally possible for a common item to get a legendary Augment, and for an epic item to get a lame common Augment – it’s completely random. Like me! 
  4. An Augment vendor in town will let you “re-roll” your item’s Augment using Gold. Think of a D20 dice, where you roll to get a random Augment – the higher the roll, the better Augment stats you’d get!
  5. Don’t like that specific Augment roll? Toss it out, try again, or just keep your current Augment setup.  

The Augment System is currently in the testing phase, so hopefully I’ll be able to blab more about this once the team irons out all the wrinkles. But, as you can already tell, Augments are going to add a whole new level of complexity in the field of battle. So whether you prefer buffing your strength, unleashing devastating crits, or being able to tank massive damage, the Augment System will empower you to be the hero – or villain – you've always dreamed of becoming.

Dreams (and Memes) Come True

Speaking of dreams coming true, brace your socials for brand new content by our incredible creators, Despair and Lankey! These two talented teammates have been crafting awesome videos and TikTok + YT Shorts that capture the essence of AQ3D, showcasing the game's most thrilling – and humorous – moments. From epic battles to hilarious memes, their videos on YouTube and TikTok will keep you entertained for at least 3 seconds. Be sure to check out their latest creations and leave them a comment, heart, thumbs up, or hecc, even a thumbs down, since we want to know what you like most and want to see more of :)

Oh and yeah, AQ3D even got its official Instagram account! Only like 2400 days late 😋 Follow the fun (and our flagship sense of humor) at   This shares the same @AQ3Dgame handle as our Twitter account, which will be receiving updated content on the regular as well, so be sure to follow 👆  

New Website in the Works

Oh, and one more thing, since this DN post certainly isn’t long enough: we are currently revamping and redesigning from the ground up! Soon you’ll be able to explore a beautifully crafted homepage, dive into the latest news, and discover all the game’s features at a glance, which will be perfect for seasoned players and newcomers alike. Artix and Miko are working hard on the redesign, and if you check back often enough, you just might be one of the first to see the new AQ3D homepage come to life before I have the chance to write a DN post about it.  

Excitement Abound!

Needless to say, my excitement is almost palpable, and I hope you're feeling the same way. AQ3D is about to reach new heights with these incredible game features and content updates in the works. The team has poured their HP bars and souls into making this game an unforgettable experience for each and every one of you, and I am honored to be included in this adventure alongside the AQ3D community! 

Stay tuned heroes, because the future of AQ3D is looking brighter than ever before… even if your brightness setting is turned down. Player Housing, Guilds, the Augment System, a new homepage, and videos from Despair & Lankey are just a taste of what's to come. Get ready to embark on amazing adventures, forge unbreakable bonds (barring any bugs), and experience AQ3D like never before!

These are exciting times for AQ3D, and I cannot wait to continue our adventures together. Eeeep!

xoxo, Beleen
and the AQ3D team

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