New Version of AQ3D

Pacific | Friday, May 24, 2019

Patch Notes! AdventureQuest 3D is getting better every week

The newest version of AdventureQuest 3D (1.19.21) is now available on all platforms. That horrible blue flame bug and asset bundle mismatch bug? Fixed! ...and a lot more improvements too.

New in Version 1.19.21

  • You can now auto-run while holding down the forward key
  • Right click no longer de-selects targets
  • Left clicking while right clicking no longer deselects targets.
  • Monster size now correctly scales with monster animation speed
  • Waypoint system fixed so the quest tracker no longer points at the wrong object
  • Added loot tutorial
  • Rewrote the Assetbundle workflow to solve all the weird caching / content delivery network issues (Blue Flame & Pink wall Fix)
  • Fixed issues causing movement and positions to desync
  • Facial hair is now hidden on head replacements as expected/intended
  • Added protection to your locally saved password
  • Fixed issue where the Quest Panel was not scrolling when the text was too long

Coming next....

We are getting to roll out some major improvements to AdventureQuest 3D's questing system to the PTR. Would love any help we can get testing it!

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