AdventureQuest 3D Version 1.5.6

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The "BY THE POWER!" update.

New features includes more variety in the power of weapon & item rewards, fishing improvements, and party/dungeon/chat improvements. Also, we added new stuff to the Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection.  Additionally, the Crimson Corsair pirate quest is now available on Gunpowder Mary in the Pirate Town of Lolosia with new items for all players to unlock.

New in AdventureQuest 3D Version 1.5.6


  • There is more variety in the power of items, so you can hunt for drops and make choices for the progression of your character.
  • Item Power per level changed from 10 to 20
  • Items below level 29 can now drop at a random power appropriate for their level (We are still considering how to handle max level items)
  • Item Rarity & Power Guide:
    • Junk Items (Gray) are still level -2, but can now be slightly better.
    • Common Items (White) are still level -1 but can now be slightly better.
    • Uncommon Items (Green) start at the perfect for their level, but can be slightly better now.
    • Rare Items (Blue) are at least 1 level above.
    • Epic Items (Purple) are at least 2 levels above.
    • Legendary Items (Orange) are at least 3 levels above.


  • Fishing now has a cast bar showing the maximum possible wait time for a catch
  • Level up now shows tradeskill level on level up
  • Trade Skills now display bar when gaining XP
  • Trade Skill colors updated in resource portrait, character page
  • Fishing nodes now hide when no fishing rod is equipped


  • Party member names are now shown in a unique color
  • Friend names are now shown in a unique color
  • Current chat tab is now highlighted
  • Chat tab no longer reverts to general when a party member joins/leaves
  • Fixed being unable to deselect a party member if they are in another area
  • Fixed chat timestamp color bug
  • Added error message when trying to whisper someone that isn't online
  • Improved friend's list action buttons and fixed several issues
  • Friend list now shows a larger online indicator when the friend is logged into the same server as you


  • Clarified dungeon join UI when entering a solo dungeon
  • You will no longer be forced to leave your party when entering a solo dungeon (But they still can't join you in the dungeon!)
  • Max party size is now automatically added to the dungeon description


  • Fixed various issues with textures not loading, models getting stuck, models appearing at center of maps, etc
  • Necro summons' health is no longer scaled based on the number of players in the area

See you in game... Battle on!

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