New Item Haul for AdventureQuest 3D!

Glisel | Thursday, July 15, 2021

Log into AdventureQuest 3D to check out our haul of new items!

Look in Gaz’s cart in Battleon for new pets, weapons, and travel forms; the Summer Collection on Pointe Less Isle for two new Jellyfish pets, and the Sandsea for a whole lot of Kittarian travel forms!

Gaz’s Black Market Cart

Gaz has collected some new items for his cart. Some items you may have seen before but some are brand new!

New Items

  • Auroid the Golden Jellyfish Pet
  • Alabaster Kittarian travel form
  • Gator of Mischief Pet

Sandsea Items

  • Golden Scorpion Pet
  • Icy Royal Scorpion Pet
  • Fire Royal Scorpion Pet
  • Onyx Croc Guard Figurine Pet

Archangel Items

  • Archangel Knight Wings
  • Archangel Knight Sword

Seasonal Items

  • Headless Horseman (travel form)
  • Fire Neck (helm)
  • Taco Axe (weapon)


New to the Summer Collection

The Vetroid Jellyfish Pet now comes in two new colors!
Note: Inaccuracies in the in-game item previews will be fixed in the next game version update.

  • Vetroid the Pink Jellyfish Pet
  • Vetroid the Emerald Jellyfish Pet

More Kittarian travel forms!

Like the look of the Bastion locals? Kai-Lee now has six Kittarian travel forms for sale that will help you blend in, plus one is hidden away in the daily chests. And make sure you stop to talk to the Gar-Feld Pyramid guard for an extra special travel form.

Kai-Lee’s Pet Shop (Bastion)

  • Azure Kittarian
  • Chestnut Kittarian
  • Ivory Kittarian
  • Khaki Kittarian
  • Umber Kittarian
  • Sandy Kittarian

Daily Quest (Gar-Feld Pyramid Guard)

  • Gar-Feld Travel Form

Daily Chest and Chest Shop (Menu)

  • Cerulean Kittarian Travel Form

Guardians Only

Calling all Guardians! Head to the Guardian Tower in Battleon to collect your Guardian Aura. This aura has a 30 minute duration… WHOA! Fortes has yours in the Guardian Class Gear shop now!


See you at the shops!

Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Glisel made the graphics this week because the usual graphics designers were unavailable. That's also why this was late going up. I hope you like them!

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