Arcangrove Pre-Release

Glisel | Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Arcangrove "A preview of magic" Pre-Release

The newest version of AdventureQuest 3D just dropped, and with it... a preview of the magical forest of Arcangrove. Login and explore new areas filled with unicorns, bird-people, and magical treasures.


Rayst the Elder Evoker

Use the travel crystal to get to Arcangrove. Upon entering the magical forest, you will meet Rayst. He is an Elder Evoker. In case you were wondering, his title of Elder Evoker means that he is of the 1st rank of Magi who are allowed access to the Restricted section of the Tower of Magic. When you talk to him, he will give quests to earn pieces of his set.


The Tower of Magic

Coming with the release of the full Arcangrove Saga... you will enter the Tower of Magic. This week, you can speak to the Sentinels who guard it. They will give you quests to earn Crescent Wolf Armor.


Cresent Wolf Armor

The forest of Arcangrove is stalked by arcanwolves. But there is ONE monsterous wolf, that is larger than them all. It is the Crescent Wolf. It is a more powerful wolf inbued with the power of the blue moon. When a cresent wolf falls in battle, a new arcanwolf is chosen to ascend. At this point it receives its crescent blades which it weilds from its mouth. Because... it's a wolf. No hands. We checked. You may have seen Craft the full set by doing the quests from the Sentinels who guard the tower.

Unicorn Glen

Unicorn Glen

It's real! It's really... really real! The magical place from your sister's fairy books. Except you can fight them. You know. For loot.

Vesta the Herbalist's House

The Herbalist Cabin

On the Arcangrove side of the Unicorn Glen border, you can find Vesta the Herbalist at her cabin. Craft 6 new items and ingredients (for quests or for purchase) including Unicorn Dust and Brownie Parts. (Brownie like the dessert? Or brownie like the creature? YES.)

Not much else was divulged about Vesta, so I guess we'll find out together. 

Todd the Derpicorn

Meet Todd the Derpicorn

Oh the majestic sights you will witness in Unicorn Glen! But none is so... *gulps* articulately animated as Todd the Derp'icon. This beast is officially the toughest monster in the world.

(You may have accidentally experienced Todd the Derpicorn pre-release, thanks to a spoiler event by our new programmer Dagger. Todd was drawn by Dage, animated by Korin, and is pride and joy of the AQ3D team.) 

Maximum Animation

He is "hoofs-down, our most animated monster ever." Dage did the art and Korin did the animation. Together they made a truly derpy monster. Farming Todd the Derpicorn is also required to loot hard-to-find items, but he's very hard to kill (level 31!!!), so get real comfortable with looking at that derp face. 

You might also spot a certain unicorn bro. You know who I mean.

Yet another map!? Find the Ornithon Camp.

"What is an Ornithon?" I (Glisel) asked Cysero. "Birdperson. Like in the bank," he said.

Well, that explains why General Polly is a Guard Parrot. When you talk to Polly, you will find level 27 weapons (with stats!) available, and all created by Thyton. For 25,000 gold each; except for a special craftable weapon called Dark Destiny. Now you have something to do with those millions of gold you've accrued for the past 25+ levels! Let me just say, when Cysero mentioned a chakram, I got very excited. And then I saw the chakram and I'm all giddy. I'll gladly shell out gold for that beauty. The other weapons are beautiful too, but this is my fave.   

The Ornithon Camp itself is filled with Ornithon settlers and large tree houses. I'm not ashamed to say it took me awhile to realize how to get up into those tree houses. Well... maybe a little... but I can't take it back now.

Coming next in Arcangrove

Coming next in the full Arcangrove Saga release!

We hope you enjoy this preview of Arcangrove. It is something to hold you over while we finish the cutscenes and maps. The next Arcangrove Saga release will be the full story release. For all of you LORE lore lovers (see what I did there?).  You will find out the source of LORE's magic. You will be able to enter the Tower of Magic to continue your magic training. Specifically mana-based magic (Because there are other types... like dragon magic and void magic). You will also learn about the Council of Magi who are the governing body of all mana-based magic in the world.

Battle on!

Glisel & Artix (We wrote this one together for you!)

P.S The Moglins are shipping! We have packed 6,000 Moglins so far and about 3,000 of them have been shipped.  Read the post here.
P.P.S Yes, we put , we put those level 1 starter boots back in the game. But we are not telling you where... >_<
P.P.P.S. We just released a new game, IdleQuest, on the new Artix Entertainment Games Launcher 2.0. The launcher lets you play all of our web based games... and future proofs them.


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