Art Sneak Peek: Arcangrove Sentinel

Artix Krieger | Thursday, June 20, 2019

"Speak spells softly... and carry a BIG Sword"

The Sentinels of Arcangrove are mage knights who protect the Tower of Sorcery.

Arcangrove Sentinel Armor in AdventureQuest 3D

"Warrior Days... Mage Knights!"

Here is a sneak peek of Dage's newest armor. You will find it in the upcoming enchanted forest of Arcangrove.

Close up of Arecangrove Sentinel by Dage

The Secret of Magic

In Arcangrove's story, you will learn the secret of our world's magic. I probably should have checked with the team before saying this, but at the center of Arcangrove's story was the original main storyline of AdventureQuest 3D: Legend of Lore. Cysero has been furiously writing the narrative for weeks now. As you may know, he wrote the original Arcangrove in our 2D MMORPG, AdventureQuest Worlds. This, is a much deeper story... figuratively and literally.


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