Area 51

Cysero | Monday, July 15, 2019


Yes, that one. You have probably seen what's happening. If you're a meme-monarch then you were one of the first on the bus, but in case you're the kind of person who spends their time on the internet wisely here's the deal.


Area 51 is a Top Secret US Government installation near the dry Groom Lake lake bed in Nevada. The government has officially denied its existence until 2013 when a CIA report finally admitted that yes... the facility that we can see with our own eyes and is viewable from satellite, in fact, exists. Because it's so mysterious, there have been tales of top secret weapons and vehicles being developed and tested there and even some rumors that it contains the remains of one or more wreckage of alien spacecraft. 


Some internet wizard decided that, for giggles, they would start a Facebook event to storm the top-secret government facility in mid-September. Now, understand that this really is a real base and there are signs posted all over letting people know that  it's totally OK for the soldiers stationed there to use LETHAL FORCE on trespassers so hopefully everyone gets the joke and nobody decides to actually jump a fence and get gunned down. 

I thought it was hilarious when I read about it and when I clicked the "GOING" button, just about 200,000 people had already signed up for it. Now it's well over 1 MILLION (including Artix after I explained what the event was and what a Kyle was). 

Just about every other post on my social media right now is area 51 related. Apparently even John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves has signed up for it. Or maybe that was just a cheap edit. 


My question to you is this: Should we jump on this meme bonfire and release some stupid Area 51 Gear (which is about all we'd have time to make before this gets really played out? And no, it wasn't over last week just because you were an early adopter and spend too much time on Reddit hunting dank. Stop being such an edgelord and let people enjoy themselves. 

If so, what kind of gear should we add? Serious question.

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