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Artix Krieger | Monday, May 11, 2020

Hot off of the pixel press!

What inspires me most about working next to the creative people on our team, is how they never stop growing and improving.  The art just keeps getting better. It has always been fascinating to watch how our games just keep improving as time goes on. Take this new dagger by Dage for example.

Dage Daggers

These wicked daggers are for an upcoming release. Between Dage, Thyton, Winnie, Darkon, and our other amazing artists, we have a lot of great things to find in the upcoming new maps.

Dage Staff

Dage made this staff is a callback to one of our previous games? Do you know which one it is and where in that game it came from?

Nature Guardian Tower

The Nature Guardian Tower

Across the world there are elementally themed Guardian Towers. Each one protecting a powerful artifact.  You likely have seen several of them on your journey across the world. At long last we will begin this story, starting with the tower in HeartWood. The map of the first tower is compete. We are finishing the monsters and assembling all parts together now. This is will be the first of the Guardian-only storyline that runs in parallel with the main AdventureQuest 3D story.

Thyton Nature Guardian Tower

Thyton's Nature Guardian Concepts

Thyton and Dage teamed up on the designs for a most unusual experience in this upcoming release.  They create so much concept art that  you never see. Glad we got to drop this here for you to enjoy.

Winnie Armors

Winni's New Armors

Winnie has been creating a lot of new loot. The ones above are for a future release. She made a reward set for this week's "Dagger Sewer Parkour Challenge." I had off handedly made a joke about needing a red Plumber suit and some mushroom Monsters. She turned it back on me by actually making a game version of the real-life armor I wear at the lab... and making the clothes underneath look... well, you will be able to see it for yourself in this week's release.

Zhoom in the Sandsea

Zhoom the Assassin

Everyone's favorite half-elf assassin will be returning as one of the main characters in the Sand Sea Saga. (Uh, wait...  wasn't he a ranger?) In previous games, Zhoom was a Ranger. But since Robina staked her claim on the Ranger in Greenguard forest, we are building a second tier bow using Ranger Class called... Assassin. Which means... we are going to need some bows.

Bow Shapes


The Ranger and Assassin classes will use bows. We started on some silhouettes. Which is your favorite? Of course, Ranger and Assassin will be able to do a lot more than just shoot bows. In order to make traps we had to create a new type of "place-able area of effect" skill.  Remind me to talk about that in detail later this week.

P.S. We have dungeons that auto adjust their difficulty based on the size of your party up for testing on the PTR. There is an character standing on town that will take you to the current test dungeon. Let us know what you think!

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