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Artix Krieger | Monday, February 5, 2018

The Daily DragonSlayer Gazette

Well met slayers, and soon to be slayers! Last we spoke to Galanoth in the command tent, he was organizing his DragonSlayers for the final raid on Mount Ashfall-- yes, that giant volcano. We are going to be joining him. What is in that Volcano you ask? Dragons... lots and lots of dragons. Possibly, a GREAT DRAGON. You have never seen one before. At least not in this world. We doubt even our enemy, Talyn, has ever seen one. But that is not stopping him from going in that volcano to wake the thing up! Soon.. the DragonSlayers will face their greatest challenge.

See Talyn in The Dragons of Ashfall Trailer

News from the other side of the screen

Greetings friends! Artix here-- recently back from the dead after my "health hattrick" of the flu, pink eye, and strep throat. The design notes posts may have halted while I was down, but the rest of the team was hard at work on the upcoming content and features! Ashfall III is nearly ready--  I got to play through it for the very first time this morning. O_O WOW! Korin's new cutscenes are the best in the game. Llussion's dungeon design ascended to an entirely new level... especially the lava tunnel. The boss fight is something new you have not seen in game yet. The plot--- well, no spoilers. But I think even the most die hard critic will be surprised and satisfied with where this takes the cast. My gut says you will love it. (Although you will definitely tell us to do it faster next time... and we will :)

We are currently running through the bug list fixing all of the big issues that were found. Places where the cutscenes break, NPC spawn/death issues, quest fixes, and some of the tougher issues with the new features this release introduces (i.e. unlocking DragonSlayer class with daily quests.) This release has a lot of new items and a good amount of content including boss fight raid for parties of 5 and 20 after you beat the story version. Keep your fingers cross for us. If everything goes smoothly, we will start testing and tweaking tomorrow and be ready for launch before the following Tuesday.

Check the design notes each day this week for more on how classes will unlock, armor and weapon sneak peaks, and the entire AQ3D game plan. Battle on!



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