Prepare to Enter Atlantis!

Glisel | Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Blade of the Deep is ready to set sail to Atlantis! Grab your SCUBA gear and get ready to explore the mysteries of the great deep below. But first… you’ve got to figure out how to get pirate Capt. Rhubarb into the Shadow of the Wind village. Also, get your free gift of Holiday Spear-It with any purchase from the Upgrade Shop this month!

Rhubarb in Disguise

{Spoiler Warning: Do not read this section if you are not caught up on the Lolosia Saga]

Yuki Jin and Capt. Rhubarb agreed to work together to find the third piece of the trident. The residents of Yokai aren’t aware of this. A pirate can’t just walk into the Shadow of the Wind village. Gather materials to make a ninja disguise for Capt. Rhubarb so he can meet Yuki Jin at the docks and set sail to the lost city of Atlantis!

Briny Brewed Beverage

Happy Fisk is excited about you going to Atlantis and what that could mean for business. He hopes to create a drink that Atlanteans would enjoy and that Blue Bart can add to his menu. Fisk would like your help coming up with drink recipes to try out. Complete your underwater preparations to unlock this special quest from Happy Fisk on Lolosia and earn a special reward. CHEERS!

Leaderboards on

View the top scorers from AFK: The Game and top givers of Gift’thulu in 2021 now on We added a new “Leaderboards” tab under “Games” on the navigation menu at the top of the page. Click on “Minute Men” to see the AFK top scorers, and “Gift’thulu 2021” to see the top 10 Gift’thulu gifters.

The Gift of Holiday Spear-It

Spread holiday cheer when you log in to reload your DragonCrystals (with 50% extra) this December and get the gift of Holiday Spear-It! Guardians will also receive a Frosty Holiday Spear-It with purchase or can go to the Guardian Tower to purchase one with Guardian Class Tokens.

Last Chance

  • Black Friday and Cyber Mondays shops leave Battleon on December 14th.
  • 20th Anniversary Event ends around January 1st, 2023. Event game maps will be moved to Adventure Menu permanently
  • 50% Dragon Crystal Bonus ends January 18, 2023.

Thank you and… Next!

Explore the lost city of Atlantis and meet its inhabitants! New creatures and adventures await you in the great below.

See you in game!

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