Rank up and unlock new PvP titles!

Glisel | Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Battle for glory! And new shinies!

It has been less than a week since Team vs Team matches were released in AdventureQuest 3D. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, the Red Dragon server has been full, and our team has been hard at work on the improvements and requests from you and other players. While we work on the big ones, you will find new rewards waiting for you in the Battle Hall-- including 4 new titles and a wicked new animated PvP blade.

Volcanic Fury Sword

Forged in magma, the animated fire blazes across the blade of the Volcanic Fury sword. See it for yourself in High Marshall Firebrand's battle arena shop. Use the marks of glory that you earn from PvP to acquire this magnificent blade.

Upon hearing rumors of how many heroes have been hanging out in the Battle Hall.... Auden the traveling vendor set up shop there.

Earn 4 new PvP titles

High Marshal Firebrand has also been granted the authority to bestow FOUR new titles upon the champions of the Battle Arena. Unlock them in the Rewards Shop by battling in PvP and reaching the required glory ranks.

  • Rank 10 - “Skirmisher”
  • Rank 30 - “Standing in Line”
  • Rank 50 - “Glorious”
  • Rank 75 - “Vanquisher”

Discover new item sets in your Daily Treasure Chests

Each day you log into AdventureQuest 3D, you get to open a treasure chest. Be on the lookout for pieces of the Brazen Buccaneer and Swallow Tail sets.

Brazen Buccaneer set

Show the world that you truly are a fearless corsair with the Brazen Buccaneer set including the Double Cutlass (weapon) and Blunderbuss (pistol), now available in your daily treasure chests!

Swallow Tail set

Parents would often tell stories of the long-lost warrior clan who protected the skies. Although it's unclear if these tales of avian knights were ever true, the stories of their selflessness and Valor have inspired generations to carry on the mantle of an azure feathered protector. Now you can too, with the Swallow Tail armor set, available in your daily treasure chests.

"We found a new place!"

Amala heard about the Battle Hall and decided there must be some good business there! You can now find them in the Battle Hall offering their services.

Coming soon to AdventureQuest 3D

An anything goes, monster filled Masquerade Ball? Each year, it is our tradition to expand Mogloween with some delightfully dark and devious new adventure. Expect an invitation... and regardless of what the rules say, keep your blades and spells at the ready.

We did a little dev schedule rearranging. The current order for releases is going to be more PvP improvements, Mogloween 2021 Collection, Masquerade Ball, Skorpienne Max Level challenge fight (Be sure to catch up on the Sandsea story if you have not already completed it!), and then our next saga (in the underworld?) will begin.

Thank you!

We love spending the spookiest months of the year with you. Be sure to check out all of this year's returning Mogloween adventures. Also, when you support the game with ANY purchase you will receive Punkin the cat as a pet.

October also marks the 19th anniversary of our Artix Entertainment video game community! How about we do some giveaways from the games and www.HeroMart.com to celebrate? Make sure you’re following @AE_Contests on Twitter and each game on social media, that way you won’t miss out on a chance to win.


You can enter the very first giveaway for AdventureQuest3D right here! One of our epic posters is up for grabs, along with the in game reward the poster comes with!

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. The secret code is "PVP" in case you hadn't figured it out. XD

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