Burn, Battleon, Burn!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Burn, Battleon, Burn!

Our home town of Battleon is on fire!

Waves of fire breathing draconic forces have breached our town's walls. But the Dragonslayers are nowhere to be found...

Message to Defender's of Battleon

"Through the wings of the Dragon's horde, you can no longer even see the sun. Even with our incredible defenses, nothing could have prepared us for this onslaught. The Dragon's army has already set most of the town ablaze. I have sent a dozen requests for reinforcements to the DragonSlayers, but we have not received a single reply. I do not know what Galanoth thinks is so important that he is turning his back on us... but it is now certain. The DragonSlayers are NOT coming. It is too late to evacuate any of the townsfolk that remain. Our only choice is to fight... yes, this situation has just gone from bad to worse. Yes, we are outnumbered and our supplies are burning as you read this. But are we going to give up? HELL NO! We are going to fight with every sword, spell, stick, rock, and fist left! If they fail to break us, the Dragon leading this army will have to come in here himself!  Did you hear me? We just need to hold out a bit longer. For our town... BATTLE ON!" - Roland

The Second Wave

The second wave of the Dragon's army is currently attacking town. Several buildings have taken structural damage and may collapse at any moment.

Dragon General!!

In the distance we can see the leader of this army. It is a MASSIVE Dragon. Alongside it are what we assume is the elite guard. It seems perched to deliver the final blow to our town... be ready!

Dark Defender - Coming Friday to the Defender Shop

What is this World Event?

This special event is part of the Dragon's of Ashfall Saga. Unlike normal game releases, this special event is taking place live, in real-time. Join in and become part of our world's history! Read more


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