Beleen and the return of the 20th Anniversary Event

Artix Krieger | Monday, February 6, 2023

Beleen is bringing the 20th Anniversary Back!

Greetings and salutations,

Last year we experienced the 20th Anniversary event of Artix Entertainment. It was a fun collection of strange, weird, and crazy stories. It was told in the style of a B-horror movie marathon. Featuring special guests and some unexpected new features (AFK: The Game!) it was a fan favorite event with a lot of content. Our contracts ended on New Years and the event officially went "poof!".

Our original plan was to chop the event up into a number of smaller one-shot adventures that would then be re-introduced to AdventureQuest 3D. But then we saw what our 2D sister game, AdventureQuest Worlds did. They brought the event back with a new host (They used Safiria as their host). It was a really good idea. We are doing the same!

Beleen, the pretty pinkomancer, will officially arrive in AdventureQuest 3D this week to host the return of the event. Beleen, Memet, Alina, and I wrote the event for the two games. So she was a fitting choice. She was a better choice than Safiria in our game world for a few reasons including...  plot spoilers for new players.

We are also happy to announce that Voltaire, Audio Rate FM, and George Lowe will be returning to AdventureQuest 3D in their adventures.

Today's AdventureQuest 3D team meeting was dominated by questions on how to make the return fair and good for existing players. We came up with at least two solutions which sets long time player's minds at ease.

If you started the 20th Anniversary Trove when the original event was running, then GOOD NEWS!  You will be able to complete your trove. And by complete your trove... we mean you will be able finish the trove EVEN including many of the items which have gone "Legacy/rare" from the returning event.

The daily quest for Ring of Doom has been increased to 100 (up from 10) trophies per day.

One highly debated issue around this change is that some players worked super hard to obtain the final rank and title "Lord of the Ring... of Doom"  before the event "went poof". We want to respect and honor the effort of those players. Especially since it is about to become easier to get that final rank. So they will keep the title they earned. New players who reach the the final rank will now earn the title, "King of the Ring... of Doom". Both titles sound cool, and are also puns.

There are a few other changes along this line. I do not have a full list yet since it is still in progress. We have run into a lot of issues because of the trove. Hindsight being 20/23 we should not have allowed the trove to start until after the main storyline was complete.... like we had done in previous adventures. The devs had good intentions. They wanted players to be able to start collecting items immediately and not just fill up their inventory. But this particular scenario added some weird complications to bringing back the adventures.

In addition to the new things the content team is working on, the crew finished modifying all of the dialogue cut scenes, quests, and pop ups with re-writes so we can bring the adventures back. I am glad we are keeping the lobby and the entire structure of the event. Seeing the maps on the dev server after so long gave me a warm feeling of joy.

Beleen will appear in Yulgar's Inn when this week's AdventureQuest 3D release goes live. Our launch window this week is Wednesday through Thursday.


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