Berserker Class Art Preview

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Sneak peek at the Bersker Class Art!

Happy New Year and welcome to the 1st AdventureQuest 3D post of 2020. Thus begins a new decade of adventures together. If you joined us for the wild and random live events as we brought in the New Year yesterday, we hope you had a blast! (I sure did.) If not, no worries... we have a lot more releases and live events coming your way. Today, like the 1st of every year since we began making video games, I am in the lab making video game stuffs! Thought you might like to see Dage's art for the upcoming Berserk class which is in testing on the PTR (Testing Server) right now.

Inspired by the original AdventureQuest Worlds armor!

The Beta Berserker class is one of the original and most iconic armors from the origins of AdventureQuest Worlds. Tell me if you agree... but the 3D version looks so wicked, I would watch an entire TV series just about this character. Which of course, is going to be about you-- when you get this Class and armor in AdventureQuest 3D.

Like it? Love it? Let Dage and the team know in the comments below. Battle on!

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