BattleTron Returns for Black Friday!

Glisel | Wednesday, November 22, 2023

BattleTron Defender

BattleTron Defender has returned to Battleon with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shops, as well as the CyberWolf Trove. These shops include NEW and previous items available for individual purchase. Many items are available for gold, so don’t be shy to peruse the BattleTron’s wares.

While you are adventuring, you will also find the CyberKnight invading the Daily Boss maps and some seasonal items have returned to the Daily Treasure Chests.

New Black Friday Items!

This year’s new items for the Black Friday Shop include:

  • Onyx Tailor Scout armor set
  • Onyx Tailor Scout Wand (melee)
  • Onyx Tailor Scout Sword (melee)
  • Onyx Spiked Glaves (melee)
  • Black Bat Wings (back)
  • Reaper’s Toothpick (melee)
  • Reaper’s Eclipse Toothpick (melee)
  • Onyx Guardian Blade (Guardian only)

New Cyber Monday Items!

Cyber Monday is on the other side of the weekend! Check out these new items in the Cyber Monday Shop.

  • Melodia Fan armor set
  • Pink Keyboard (melee)
  • Electric Spiked Glaives
  • Cyber Dragon Wings (back)

Seasonal Items and Activities

We also have some seasonal items and activities returning for a limited time.

CyberWolf Trove

Do you have what it takes to join the CyberWolf Vanguard? Start the trove to begin a series of quests to collect awesome items for you to keep in your own personal trove (a free Collection) to be accessed again at any time at the bank.

Daily Boss Invader

The CyberKnight has invaded the Daily Boss Fight maps. Defeat him to collect pieces of his gear to equip for yourself!

Daily Chests Rewards

Legion TechnoKnight and Robowolf travel form now have a chance to drop from your Daily Treasure Chests. You can also purchase them with Treasure Shards in the Chest Shop.


Invest in Battleon's Bank

The bank needs to collect on some debts from the citizens of Lore who are behind on their investments. If you are willing to make some visits on behalf of the bank, and help out a few friends along the way, you may have what it takes to become a Loyal Bank Member. This grants you a free bank vault, plus the title ‘Repo Hero’.

Talk to Hootenheim about “Investing” at the bank to begin your quest – But you must have first completed the Bank’s main story quests! Completing those also gives you a free bank vault, so it’s a Win-Win!

Need More DragonCrystals?

You get 50% extra DragonCrystals when you buy them from the Upgrade Shop in AQ3D! This includes Guardian and Adventurer’s Pack bundles as well! Fill up and enjoy the bonus DCs!

Last Chance!

  • Dottie, the ArchCounselor of Camp Gonnagetcha, is preparing to leave Battleon around November 29th, 2023. She has moved closer to Yulgar’s Inn for now to make way for the BattleTron Defender.
  • Bank Vault and Bank Pet discounts end around November 29th, 2023.
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday seasonal shops and activities will leave AQ3D around December 20th, 2023.

Thank you and… Next!

The highly anticipated Nulgath finale is on its way! Recover the missing piece of Dage's Soul and finally confront Nulgath in an epic battle!

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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