Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Darkest Black Friday Yet!

Hop in game and see this year's new Black Friday and Cyber Monday items! They are all in town now, being sold by a mysterious dark shroud stranger in town square!

Mysterious Stranger sells Black Friday Items

We have items for Gold, DragonCrystals, Guardian items, and a few secret ones you can battle monsters for too. Here's a sneak peek at few....

DoorBuster Sword

The DoorBuster Sword

We are launching Cyber Monday early too! The BIGGEST difference between our door busters and the ones being advertised on TV... is ours can actually be used to bust down doors!

Wield and Shield

Wield & Shield

These wield and shield sets equip a shield on one arm and your weapon in the other.

  • Black knight sword and shield (DCs)

  • Black Knight Axe and Shield (DCs)

  • Black knight sword (DCs)

  • Black Knight Axe (DCs)

Black Friday Items


  • White Cyber Monday guns (Gold)
  • Pilgrim Items (Gold)
  • Black Friday suit/ dress and shoes/boots (Guardian)
  • Throwing knives belt and dagger (DCs)
  • Black Cyber Monday guns (Guardian)
  • Black Friday Katana (DCs)
Black Friday 2019 Items


Shhhhh.... top secret! For a short time only, there is a chance that the CyberKnight boss will spawn in ANY of the daily boss fight maps. The CyberKnight will drop ANY of his pieces-- including his Sword & Shield combo :D You can access these daily boss fights from the Quest Board in the town of Battleon.

  • CyberKnight Sword
  • CyberKnight Sword & Shield
  • CyberKnight Armor Set (All Pieces)


There are a ton of items in there... go see for yourself.

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