Black Knight Friday! Our darkest yet...

Glisel | Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Black Friday Sale, Shops, & Quests are live NOW!

Hop in-game and check out this year's new Black Friday quests and shops. New sets include MidnightBall, BattleTron Defender, and CyberWolf Vanguard. You will also get 50% bonus DragonCrystals when you buy ANY package. Talk to BattleTron on the bridge in town.

Black Friday Shop

The Midnight Ball gear is so dark, you might accidentally create a black hole in your closet. You can now get this dark and formal gear, the new devastatingly opaque Black Steel gear, and returning seasonal favorites! New items include...

  • Black Steel Bow
  • Black Steel Claws
  • Black Steel Halberd
  • Obsidian Star Staff
  • Dual-Bladed Dynamo Sword
  • Midnight Ball Tailored Suit
  • Midnight Ball Oxford Shoes
  • Midnight Ball Evening Gown
  • Midnight Ball Slip-On Shoes
  • Midnight Ball Evening Gloves

Cyber-Monday // BattleTron Defender

We suspect that the BattleTron unit on the bridge is actually a time traveler from the distant future of... Monday. (Or possibly a very good cosplayer who has items from the future-- or his Mom's garage.) The Battletron Defender set was designed by Dage and new items include...

  • Baby CyberDragon Pet & Travel Form
  • Defender RoboWolf Pet & Travel Form
  • Seeker Drone Pet
  • BattleTron Defender Bow
  • The BattleTron Armor Set


Quest to build your free CyberWolf Trove!

Do you have what it takes to join the CyberWolf Vanguard? Take the quests and prove it. Doing these quests will build a Trove (a Free collection) that does not take up inventory space and you can access year round. This wicked set was created by Thyton.


Black Friday Sale! Bonus 50% DragonCrystals

"Same Great Sale, New Great Name! (TM)" - Artix, 2020

Buy ANY package in-game and instantly get 50% more DragonCrystals. It is our best sale of the game... stock up before Frostval and get the warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting AdventureQuest 3D's non-stop weekly updates. Someone's gotta keep those server hamsters fed.

Bonus! Added to your Daily Treasure Chest Rewards

As a bonus for the entire community, we also added the Legion TechnoKnight set and Legion RoboWolf pet & travel form to your daily Treasure Chests. Every day you login gives you a chance to score one of these undead legion items.


The Black Knight has been making Fridays Dark since before it was cool!

We hope that you and your loved-ones have a fun, safe, and adventure-filled weekend. Thank you for supporting AdventureQuest 3D and being a part of our online video game community. We hope you have been enjoying the release of guilds (phase 1) and are getting excited for the start of Darkovia IV: The Werewolf Coliseum.

May all of your Fridays be gloriously dark...

Battle on!

Artix, Baleerio, Aveleon & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Baleerio and Aveleon are brand new members of the team! We posed for the screenshots and wrote this letter to you together in voice chat. They jumped in because Glisel is on a super awesome secret mission this week :D

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