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Black Friday is here!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Darkest Black Friday Ever!

This Friday, whilst most of our US based heroes are recovering from their turkey induced comas, Gaz, the Black Market dealer, has the theme of Black Friday far too literally. He stocked his shop with awesome black items... Black Dragons, Black Cape, and the Black Starsword! WAIT! How can a Starsword even be black!? The blade is made from 100% pure light! >_> Gaz says it is powered by a black light. Oh! Nearly forgot. For this weekend only, you early birds (early black birds -- the theme is real) can get yours for a huge discount. How weird is it, that unlike every other shop in history, we only discount when we first release something? #Backwards4TheWin

Black Dragon Travel Forms

Black Friday Sale

Discount begins Black Friday and only lasts 3 days until the end of Cyber Monday (Which will be the morning of Tuesday the 21st)

  • Black Starsword 750DC 500DC
  • Armored Black Dragon Travel Form 4,500DC 3,100DC (Love the skull built into its design)
  • Black Dragon Travel Form 1,900DC 990DC
  • Black Knight Cape 400DC 400DC (Save 0 DC! Wait, what?)

Black Friday Winners!

We know not everyone is able to support the game by getting one of the items above the usual way. So, we gave out a few to random players who helped us spread the word. They are listed below. Watch my @ArtixKrieger Twitter & AdventureQuest 3D Facebook for future opportunities (I think we will do it with the 2018 Calendar next)


  • AsianSpaghetti - Armored Black Dragon
  • Mawar - Black Starsword
  • Mighty Havoc - Armored Black Dragon
  • Lovely Raven - Armored Black Dragon


  • Archeleo - Armored Black Dragon
  • Lilith Asami - Armored Black Dragon
  • Finn Viperflare -- Armored Black Dragon
  • KingEphraim27 - Black Starsword
  • Darkrai1337 - Armored Black Dragon



P.S. Our 2018 Calendars are now available at HeroMart!


 AdventureQuest 3D

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