Black Friday Shop Release 2021

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"Even darker than our darkest Black Friday"

Not even black holes are darker than this year's Black Friday... join us in AdventureQuest 3D now to check out these new 3 new sets forged using forbidden prototype-vantablack pixels in town.

The Midnight General

The Midnight General is ready to work the Knight shift. For a very short time each year, this elusive vigilante makes the pilgrimage into the daylight, wielding his giant sword, the Dark Slicer.

  • The Dark Slicer - Giant Sword O_O
  • Midnight General Armor
  • Midnight General Belt
  • Midnight General Boots
  • Midnight General Gloves

Shadowstalker Set

Are you ready to embrace the night? Torn dark cloth, like midnight covers your trail and leaves an eerie flutter behind you. Darkness falls across the land, and using the Shadowstalker set, you can silently stalk your prey. Also boney hands.

  • Shadowstalker Robes
  • Shadowstalker Band
  • Shadowstalker Cloak
  • Shadowstalker Hood
  • Shadowstalker Wraps
  • Shadowstalker Boney Hands

RavenSlice Outfit Set

Ravenslice the Hunter is probably one of the best least known Lore Hunters around. His outfit is known for it’s protective Musou leather in key areas, perfectly balancing comfort, protection, and stealth.

  • RavenSlice Outfit
  • RavenSlice Belt
  • RavenSlice Gloves
  • RavenSlice Boots
  • RavenSlice Scarf
  • RavenSlice Shoulders
  • RavenSlice Hood
  • RavenSlice Dagger

Black Friday is happening NOW in AdventureQuest 3D!

But get ready for Cyber Monda-wait-wussat? Nope. We are releasing Cyber Monday on Friday! Because... logic. Are you prepared to ride the Cyber Magic waves and become one with the singularity? Watch out for a super special newsletter and post along with HeroMart specials on Friday. .

May you and your family have a safe, fun, and adventure filled Thanksgiving! (Unless you like outside of the USA, in which case have a wicked awesome... Thursday.)

Battle on!

Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team


Don't forget about the special DragonCrystal bonus that's currently running!

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