Black Knight Friday

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Black Knight Friday has already started! Because... logic O_O ?

Too late... the darkness of Black Friday and bonus sale is already here. A mysterious stranger has appeared in town. He/she/it is there... right now. Clad in shadowy robes and selling things so dark that it the sheer darkness might just collapse in on itself forming a black hole. (Note: Not actually how physics works). Get the Black Pet Dragon, Black Knight armor, and more....

Black Knight in AdventureQuest 3D

The red glowy eye thing is wicked... it leaves a red motion trail when you move or walk around.

50% more DragonCrystals

Already happening right now!

Get 50% Bonus DragonCrystals when you make any make any DragonCrystal purchase until January 2nd. Our Black Friday stuff is fully live... stock up while you can.

Dracoslayer Armor and Pet Black Dragonling

Pet Black Dragonling and DracoSlayer Armor

When AdventureQuest 3D artist Dage finished the Black Knight armor... he said, "Does this look like...?" Before he could finish I replied, "Yes." He said, "Can I?" But I did not need to answer... he already did. Dage has guts. #SeeWhatIDidThere?

Fallen Guardian

Fallen Guardian Quests

Guardians! Investigate the stories of the Fallen Guardian. Talk to Guardian Alistar in town to  begin this new high level quest. (I really wanted to make a "Help! I've Fallen Guardian and I can't level up joke" in here somewhere.)

2019 Calendar Pre-Order

2019 Calendar Available for Pre-Order

The newest Artix Entertainment Calendar is now available for pre-order at . If you missed the sneak peaks of the inside that I posted on my ArtixKrieger Facebook page when we were doing the proofs before sending it to the printers the other week, you can check out everything that is in it and comes with it on HeroMart.


Black Knight Friday is happening now

Thank you... and 20 more inventory spaces!

Have a fun, safe, and video game filled time with your Family this weekend. In AdventureQuest 3D's next major release you are getting 20 more inventory spaces and daily login rewards. The class rank system will soon follow (we had to add another skill button to the interface) and then our coders will be target-locked on PvP development. (Finally!) Thank you again for making our video games possible. Hope to see you in game :D

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