Blaze's Birthday Bonfire

Rellik | Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Happy Birthday Blaze! This week’s release marks the very first Blaze’s Birthday Bonfire in AQ3D. We’ve been hard at work preparing for this, with FOUR different Blaze’s to fight, FIVE armor sets, THREE new pets, a new travel form, a new aura, a new gifting item, and a very special summon...

Who is Blaze?

"A long time ago the raw element of fire was threatening to consume the world in flames. Blaze sacrificed his body to control the flame, imbuing him with the power to control fire, ensuring it does not consume the world. The flame slowly burns away at his body and when he uses his power, there are severe consequences. He wants to be a light to the world, but the brighter he burns, the shorter his wick."

Blaze in real life is a programmer and game designer for AdventureQuest 3D. His passion is in embracing the community and enhancing the social aspects of our game. You can follow him on Twitter at

Fire Starter

Are you a Fire Starter, twisted Fire Starter? Prove it with this HOT new gifting mob! Use the “Fire Starter” item to summon the Gifting Fire. This large sentient flame fights people and gives out gifting rewards. You’ll be seen as a hero to your friends for spawning and fighting these, so start a fire and help put out other fires if you see them!


  • Wide Blaze’s Calling Card
  • Wide Blaze (Pet)
  • Flamewalker Armor Set Pieces
  • BlazeCoins
  • Blaze’s Hot Feet Aura
  • Unbreakable Flamewalker Armor set pieces
  • Sturdy Flamewalker Armor set pieces
  • Spellforged Flamewalker Armor set pieces
  • Reinforced Flamewalker Armor set pieces
  • Hot Streak

But What's a Hot Streak?!

Are you feeling lucky and rolling hot? Obtain this rare drop from the Gifting Fire and gain the ability to summon the Gifting Inferno! The Gifting Inferno fights people and gives out all of the same rewards as the Gifting Fire, and even more special rewards at a much higher drop rate.

Hot Streak unique drops:

  • Blaze’s Flame Pet
  • Cinder the Obsidian Blaze Pet
  • Cinder Travel Form
  • Blaze's Bapper (pay close attention to its Stats)
  • A chance at yet another Hot Streak!

The Blaze Boss Variety Pack

The flames spread around the Social District as Blaze appears, spreading the burning joy and and love! Keep an eye out for Big Bad Blaze, Wide Blaze, Shadow Blaze, and you might catch a sighting of a super rare Blaze boss.

Flamewalker Armor sets

Crash through the fire and flames and carry on with the new Flamewalker Armor sets! Available in five dashing colors, you’ll be able to pick out your favorite!

  • Flamewalker Armor set
  • Unbreakable Flamewalker Armor set
  • Sturdy Flamewalker Armor set
  • Spellforged Flamewalker Armor set
  • Reinforced Flamewalker Armor set

Blaze’s Bapper and the War on UwU

"UwUse your head"

Some are aware of Blaze’s disdain for UwU and OwO, and to those that share this sentiment he has made available copies of the mighty Blaze’s Bapper.
Printed in the heavens above and rolled in the fires below, Blaze's Bapper truly is a relic of untold power. In the great UwU war, Blaze's Bapper was told to have bapped at least 10 million on the head. UwU's and OwO's fear this mighty weapon.

Illuminate the Shadows

Talk to Blaze in the Social District, assist him with a new daily quest to face Shadow Blaze, and be rewarded with BlazeCoins!

BlazeCoin Gift Shop and Blaze’s Birthday Shop

"Stranger! What are ya buying?"

Talk to Blaze in the Social District and browse through his wares.

  • BlazeCoin Gift Shop - The only gift you are guaranteed to receive for defeating one of Blaze’s Gifting Fires or Infernos is BlazeCoins. These tokens can be used to purchase pieces from the Flamewalker armor sets as well as Blaze’s Bapper weapon.
  • Blaze’s Birthday Shop - This is where you can buy the Fire Starter for DragonCrystals, as well as many of the gift items in case you don’t want to wait on luck.

Community Events

Looking for a group of friends to celebrate the birthday bonfire? Blaze has coordinated with our AQ3D content creators to have spawning events for the community throughout the week. Check out the schedule to see when and where to find the events.

Other things!

It’s barely been gone, BUT NOW IT’S BACK! Get 50% bonus DC from any package once again! This time it won’t stick around for a full year, so get your DC packages while you can!

Mogloween NPCs will be leaving but you will be able to get to the Masquerade by going to the Cemetery. The Archiducissa Weaver is waiting there to lead you to the ballroom.

Coming soon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Be sure to keep an eye on our wonderful artists’ Twitter accounts as you patiently await for the shops to arrive in Battleon next week!

See you in game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team


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