Botting is bad

Cysero | Tuesday, September 8, 2020

AdventureQuest 3D is an MMORPG, a Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing game.

It's a living world and YOU give it that life.

When you log into an online world, you want it filled with real people that you can hang out with and go on adventures with. That is why you log into an MMO, not a single player game, right?

Go into Yulgar's Inn in the heart of Battleon and you'll usually find it filled with other players. Some are having fun and chatting. Some are waiting for friends. Some are complaining about some aspect of the game. Some are helping new players. But they're all people... in the world... playing the game.

Every one of those people contribute to the game in some way, even if they never spend a cent to help us keep going. But imagine logging into the game and finding it filled with other characters who don't talk or laugh or group-up. They're empty bots just auto-farming to get some kind of perceived advantage over other players. Botting breaks immersion for those who want another world to get lost in and enjoy and it devalues the efforts of the entire AQ3D community. For long-time players, It strips the game of one of it's most exciting aspects... interaction... and It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of new players just trying the game and drives them off.. It hurts the game and it hurts you.

So, when a player aggressively started hyping a clicker tool this weekend, we gave their account the ban hammer. The tool wasn't built with AQ3D in mind. It was a common auto-clicker and there wasn't much to it, but we had to step in. We realize this player was probably just excited to find what they thought was a loophole in the system, so we can't be too mad about it. But we do have to take action to ensure that AQ3D doesn't become a box of soulless bots.

We would like you all to have a fun, safe, and real-people filled world to adventure in. We are glad you play the game and are with us. Sure, you have things you would like to see changed. We are happy to listen and continue making improvements.  The important thing is you are here, you are invested in the game, and helping us make it better.

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