Class Concept Art Sneak Peek

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Class Concept Art

What upcoming class is this? Wrong Answers only.

Ranger Class

The first of our Bow Classes

The team has been testing an early version of our first Bow class. Which has been somewhat comical, since it is doing the correct animations... but we do not have the 3D Bow models in game yet. Which makes fighting sorta like air guitar.... Longbow edition XD

Bow Attacks and Ultimates

Bow skills & "Ultimate"

I stole these bow attack concept sketches straight out of the dev chat and slapped them on some parchment to make them look pretty for you :D We will be giving the class a lil more of that AE juice. We have two bow classes on route. The first one will be for Greenguard forest. The second one will be for exploring the pyramids of the Sandsea desert.

Devs to cause trouble during this Thursday's Live Events!

Join us this Thursday for an "anything goes" series of live events with Artix and the team. They will be spawning monsters, telling stories, and dropping special "live event" treasure chest rewards. Events scheduled to happen at Noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm EST.

QUESTION: So.... what is the name of this upcoming class? Wrong Answers only.


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