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Glisel | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The world has been filled with new bows!

The world has been filled with new bows! Explore the world and craft unique bows with stats. Each one is themed from the land you create it in. The AdventureQuest 3D artists have spent the past few weeks working on these... they are beautiful, inspired, and available for you to earn in game now.

Where to find and craft these new bows?

  • Necrotic Bow - Doomwood - Stygis Crafting
  • Plunder Seeker - Lolosia - Lolosia Blacksmith
  • Arcane Recurve Bow - ArcanGrove - Arcangrove Sentinel
  • Winter's Arc - Frostval - Frostvale Village Crafting
  • Bloodsworn Bow - Darkovia Castle - Monster Stalker Crafting
  • Lycan Nightstalker - Darkovia Castle - Monster Stalker Crafting
  • Ironwood Bow - Darkovia Forest - Darkovia Forest Crafting
  • Shaman's Balanced Bow - World Tree - Soothsayer Crafts
  • Ninja Hankyu - Yokai Isle - Ninja Weapon Crafting
  • Living Branch Bow - Heartwood - Heartwood Ranger Gear
  • Guardian Bow - Guardian Tower - Fortes' Guardian Crafting


Necrotic Bow

Talk to Stygis in Doomwood to craft this horrifying double stringed skull bow. Created by Thyton, the intention was for the arrow to shoot through the mouth of the skull. +100 bonus points for bow creativity.

Plunder Seeker

You are able to craft this pirate bow in the port town of Lolosia. Talk to the Black Smith there.  Using the pirate ship style ropes to hold the bow together, and a skull and cross bones hand guard comes from the creative mind of Dage the Evil.

Arcane Recurve Bow

Head to the mystical forest of ArcanGrove and find the Arcangrove Sentinel. They will teach you how to craft this magical bow. The hand guard is a magical shell like spell and the string is pure energy. Also created by Dage.

Winter's Arc

Travel to Frostval in the frozen north.... and find your way to the  Frostvale Village. There you can craft this bow made of wood and enchanted ice. Created by Winnie!

Bloodsworn Bow

Is it true that Vampire's suck at archery? I would not recommend finding out. The bat themed Bloodsworn bow can be found in Darkovia Castle. Look for the character that lets you do Monster Stalker Crafting. By Dage.


Lycan Nightstalker

The bow of choice for werewolves can also be crafted in Darkovia Castle. This feral bow is tough... and by the looks of it, requires Lycan strength just to pull. (Art by Dage)


Ironwood Bow

Not a Vampire nor Werewolf (yet?) ... than you should seek out the Ironwood Bow.  You can craft it in Darkovia Forest. Now, you just need some silver arrows. (Art by Thyton.)

Shaman's Balanced Bow

If you are a Ranger who is walking the path of peace and balance, head to the World Tree to find the Shaman Bow. You can create it using  Soothsayer Crafts.


Living Branch Bow

By far the nicest smelling of the bows in this release. Probably because this bow is living, covered with nature and flowers. Travel to Heartwood forest to craft the Living Branch Bow.

Ninja Hankyu

Craft this infamous ninja bow on Yokai Isle through Ninja Weapon Crafting! (Art by Darkon)

Guardian Bow

Guardians should report to the Fortes in the Guardian Tower to create their bow. It forced from the same metal used to create the Guardian Blades. (Art by Dage)

Rangers all wear green and have pointy ears, right?

Nah, you have the freedom and control to be anything you want in AdventureQuest 3D. Nearly every player in this picture is a ranger! You control how your character looks and plays. Collect classes, items, and cross-skills, switch between them at any time.

More Adventure, Bows, and Features incoming!

The Ranger Class release has been getting rave reviews and we are hard at work making it even better. The artists have a second wave of bows coming including the Ashfall bow, the Death's Lair bow, and more. We are also working on the new fishing & trade-skill system, guilds, the Tower of Necromancy, the Sand Sea Desert, raising the max rank of classes with new rewards and titles, and the main storyline featuring the creatures of the Void. Keep your eyes on on the news at for the latest official news!

Battle on!

Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

P.S. Have a favorite bow? Let the artist know on Twitter-- they are fueled by your positivity.



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