Building maps in AQ3D

Yergen | Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yergen here, I've been working on so much for AQ3D. Keeping everyone on task, setting up the armor and weapon art, creating fx for the game, and helping Llussion building maps. WHEW! Building maps  has been a lot of fun but  requires an attention to detail that I am not used to. When you do it right though it's a good win.


Down shot of a cave.

To be specific I am merely compiling the great 3D work that Llussion has made and putting them together in Unity. It's kind of like a  model set.

So much 3D

Once I place all the  pieces together where I want I get to add lighting. When you first place the lights they are white and it  just lights up the  scene. The white lights are a great start but the need... more. Then I go through the lights and start changing the colors to make the scene feel more dynamic. Once you have all the lights you want you "bake" a lightmap to apply your lights to the scene.

Lighting a scene

That's about it for right now. I'll show more later!


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