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Clarion | Wednesday, April 3, 2024

New Housing Items Are on the Menu!

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around! 

Are you starving? Craving that irresistible aroma of sizzling grease and the tantalizing taste of questionable-quality meat? Ah, the culinary thrill of standing in line, your stomach growling, while your inner voice screams, “Maybe I should eat literally anywhere else!” But who needs quality when you can have grease-soaked glory?

Introducing the Burger Hero Home Franchise Experience! 

Picture this: You’re lounging on your couch, remote in hand, and suddenly, like a beacon of caloric hope, Burger Hero materializes in your living room. No more tedious walks to the local joint - Nah, that’s for amateurs! We’re flipping the script. You’re the boss now!

Why settle for mundane home decor when you can transform your abode into a burger paradise? With our exclusive Burger Hero housing items, you’ll be the envy of your neighbors. Imagine the conversations:

Neighbor: “Hey, did you redecorate?” 

You: “Oh, just turned my kitchen into a mini Burger Hero. No biggie.”

Benefits of the Burger Hero Home Franchise:

Zero Commute: Forget the whole transforming into a frogzard and running as fast as you to get to work. Your living room is your office now. Just slide into your slippers and start flipping those pixel patties.

Customize Your Menu: Want a triple-decker bacon Hero Burger for breakfast? Go ahead! It’s your franchise. We won’t judge.

VIP Seating: The best seat in the house? That’s your couch, my friend. No reservations needed.

Employee of the Month: Spoiler alert—it’s you. Every month. Because who’s gonna outperform you in your own home?

Burger Hero Swag: Rock that apron with pride. Bonus points if you wear it while binge-watching cooking shows.

Act now! Be the pioneer of the Burger Hero revolution. Your home, your rules. And remember, folks, When life gives you housing items, make burgers!” 

8-Bit Travel Forms

Look, I’m gonna level you with here…

You know those snazzy polygons that dance across your screen? Yeah, they’re cool and all, but let me tell you what’s even cooler: PIXELS! Those tiny, square wonders that weave the very fabric of our digital existence. They’re like the building blocks of this 3D Adventure Quest world.

And guess what? These magical pixels aren’t just for show. They’re the secret sauce behind our brand-new Travel Forms! 

“So how do I obtain these new travel forms?” I hear you asking. Head over 8-Bit Clarion Dawnforger in Battleon, and prepare to be amazed. He’s got a collection of these pixelated wonders, and you’ve got options:

Grab the whole set at a sweet discount. It’s like getting a pixelated buffet for your character. Or if you prefer there’s always the à la carte option.

So if you ever wanted to be an 8-Bit Alma running at an above-average speed, now’s your chance!

8-Bit Housing

On top of the travel forms, we will also be introducing housing assets from 8-Bit Battleon! So yes, dust off those gamepads and blow into that cartridge because it’s time to reject modernity and embrace tradition! Embrace the NEStalgia and get your 8-bit building materials by talking to 8-Bit Clarion Dawnforger in Battleon!

Grenwog Strikes Back

Hooper claims the Grenwog has returned. You’re not a Grenwog denier, are you? Just outside Battleon, you’ll find Hooper hot on the trail of proving the Grenwog exists! But be warned, hero. The Grenwog (that is totally real) will be ready for a fight! Drop down into the deepest depths of the Grenwog’s Lair. Band together with fellow heroes, set traps, and battle the Grenwog to collect Chocolate Grenwog Eggs to turn in for cool rewards. However, there are alternative ways to obtain those delicious eggs! They have a small chance to drop globally while the event runs.

Grenwog Treasures

Two new weapons are being added to Hooper’s Grenwog Nest Shop the Eggsecutioner Axe and Eggsassin Daggers. These new tools of destruction match great with the Bunny Berserker set which is also available in the shop.


Eggcelent Friends and Foes

On top of NPCs like Piddle the Fool and the Dricken Acolyte returning to Battleon, the Social District will be the stage of the Chicken Cow Invasion. But more exciting than all of that is the arrival of Egglin in Battleon. Help Egglin find his brother Roggbert in Arcangrove to earn Scrambled Eggs that you can redeem for EGGCELENT rewards.


Get the Azure Cloak of the Motionless Falls

The Azure Cloak of the Motionless Falls is now available for a limited time only. To get these amazing items, you need to purchase any package in the upgrade shop, now with 50% extra Dragon Crystals on select packages. For those that get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the Azure Cloak of the Roaring Falls, an animated variant that is only for Guardians!

Sandbox Screenshot Contest ends Sunday

There are so many amazing houses being created by our community! Your creativity knows no bounds -- unless you've already hit the 2000 item limit, lol. This Sunday is the last day to enter your screenies in our Sandbox Screenshot Contest, so let's see your best work, Battleon Builders 👷 Read the full contest details here.

New on the horizon

Did you see our recent post about Oracle Class and Sky Pirates updates? Get up to speed on all the things behind the scenes, and also sneak a peek at some concept art!

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