Welcome to Burger Hero

Glisel | Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Grand Opening!

Welcome to Burger Hero, home of the Hero Burger. You’d be a fool to miss the Grand Opening of Burger Hero. People are flocking to this new fast food establishment from all over Lore. Wandy is in Battleon promoting the restaurant with free coupons!

Burger Hero

Burger Hero is brought to you by Crustation Man. Line up for your chance to taste Dricken Tendies, a Monster Burger, a Hero Gyro, and the Hero Burger. At first glance, everything seems great, but something terrible is clogging the toilets and there is something unusual about the food supply.

With the buzz Burger Hero is getting, it will be sticking around for a long time… (it’s evergreen/permanent).

Hey there Part Timer

If you’re in need of a job, Burger Hero will find a place for you. Crustation Man has some Part Time shift work for you to earn Burger Hero Promotion Points. Use these points to buy exclusive items from the Burger Hero Merch Shop. Pick up the Part Timer Rank token and Use it to unlock the title “Part Timer” and special quests with Wandy.

Wandy is the lead server at Burger Hero. She’s a go-getter who knows how to get ahead. Talk to her to pick up some extra shifts and earn more Promotion Points. Maybe Crustation Man will finally give you that promotion you’ve been asking for.


Pizza Time!

Burger slinging isn’t your vibe? Peter P is hanging out by the Burger Hero with a different proposal. How about becoming a Pizzamancer?

Pizzamancer is a new cosmetic class requiring the Moglomancer class. Pizzamancer includes new class skill animations, new skill names, and the “Cowabunga” title. Plus, you unlock the Pizzamancer Gear shop to earn the full Pizzamancer armor set and Pizza Slicer weapon. Don’t have the Moglomancer class yet? Head to the Pet Shop and find Mo G. Lynn to start earning the class or buy it from the Classes menu for Dragon Crystals.

Very Smol Pet Shop

Casey and his cat friends really love pizza. Though maybe not as much as Peter P. They are pretty chatty if you want to lounge around while digesting your Hero Burgers or after a long shift. Casey also has a Very Smol Pet Shop for you to buy, or turn into, one of these adorable cats for yourself.


Returning April Fool’s Fun

It’s not April Fool’s Day without Piddie the Fool! He’s back in Battleon with his Fool’s Day shop, including Mutatium potions and Fool’s Gifts. Meanwhile, a giant Chickencow has landed in the Social District and Aria could use your help investigating its mysterious appearance.

PvP Block Skill

The Block skill in PvP has been adjusted and is ready to play. It no longer has Reflect and you are Silenced for the duration.

Last Chance

  • Returning April Fool’s Day event content leaves May 3rd, 2023 (Burger Hero and Pizzamancer are permanent)

Thank you and… Next!

More Nulgath side-content is coming soon and Hooper is currently tracking the Grenwog to Battleon.

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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