Camp Frostvale Wins!

Artix Krieger | Monday, December 16, 2019

This was the closest Friday the 13th war in all of AdventureQuest 3D history

Congratulations to everyone who participated this this historic war. It was, without question, the closest in our game's history. Camp Frostvale narrowly won (100%) vs Camp Friday the 13th (99%). Well fought by both sides!

Get the Camp Frostvale Flag!

ALL players can pick up the winning Camp Frostvale flag right now from either of the camp counselors. 

Camp Frostvale Flags available

Twas the Fright before Frostvale....

As I write you, a massive horde of Frostlorn are on preparing to attack out home town! But, our NEW town comes with fortified defenses... we will be ready stop this advancing army at our town's bridge!

P.S. Tonight is also your last chance to do anything in Mogloween. It will disappear for another year once the release goes live.

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