Caption Contest for #ScreenShotSaturday **Winners Update**

Artix Krieger | Friday, March 20, 2020

This is the internet. You know what to do.

Caption any/all of the Winnie's Tailor Shop screenshots below and post them to the official @ArtixKrieger Caption Contest for #ScreenshotSatruday tweet along with your AdventureQuest 3D character name. We are giving the team 10 Warlords chests to award to the funniest ones.

"This is a terrible idea... I am so eager to see what they post!" - Artix

We realize some of you are too creative for your own good XD So, as always, we reserve the right to award bonus prizes to those who go above and beyond! Also, some players are more photoshop/paint savvy than others. So if someone else helps you with putting your caption on the art, just add their character name to your post as a credit. We <3 helpful people in our community.... A LOT. They are the best kind of people.

The Pics

#1 Winnie & Gang


#2 The Devourer of Souls


#3 Winnie

#3 Winnie

#4 Devourer of Souls Talking to Winnie

#5 Winnie talking to Devourer of souls

#6 Guy talking to girl in front of stall


#7 Girl talking to guy in front of Stall

#8 Girl

#9 Death with Winnie's stall behind him

Caption on! XD



  1. CrossXBones @CROSSxBONES_AE

  2. GoldRaven @GoldRavenAQ3D

  3. Az_Leun @Leun_Rm

  4. AsphiX @john_esrever

  5. Fighter @FighterX272 

  6. Sorrow @OwMyHeadHurtz

  7. SilverLotus @5ilverLotus

  8. Meg4 @meghakharade

  9. NullVoid @ThyYvez

  10. Raxe @ZenoFrostRaxe


Congratulations Winners!

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