Hot or Cold? Carnaval is back!

Rellik | Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Fire and Ice

Head to Yulgar's Inn and ask Yulgar himself about blacksmithing. He is willing to return to the forge if you track down and defeat the elemental berserkers Ymirion and Surtion. Yulgar needs pieces of their weapons to forge you an Epic weapon!

Yulgar's Blacksmithing shop

Hand over the pieces of the berserkers' weapons to Yulgar and he will forge you a new weapon.
Don't forget to add the weapon handle. Do you prefer Fire, Ice, or both?

  • Chillrend
  • Flamebrand
  • Chillrend and Flamebrand (dual wield)
  • Elementium Weapon Handle

Carnaval is Back in Battleon

Carnaval is happening in Rio and in AQ3D! 

AQ3D is celebrating the return of the Carnaval Parade to Rio after having been canceled in 2021. Thank you to @forestbansh for informing us on Twitter of its triumphant return. Three new Carnaval items are available to purchase for Carnaval Feathers dropped from the Carnaval Sneevils in the Social District.

Note: Colorful Feathers have been re-economized. Item purchases with Colorful Feathers now require only 10% of previous cost. These drops have been reduced by 90% as well. Max stack is now 200 vs 10,000. Colorful Feathers are now purchasable in the Carnaval Shop with DCs. Player inventory of Feathers will be capped at 200 upon release if there were previously over 200.

  • Feathered Saber of Carnaval
  • Twin Feathered Sabers of Carnaval
  • Prismatic Carnaval Knife

Seasons Cleaning

The Lunar New Year Shop has closed! They’ll be returning next Lunar New Year with all new items!

What's Leaving Next?

Legendary Ren Yin Shop and Porcelain Tiger quest - Leaving on May 4th
Grenwog - Leaving on May 11th
Carnaval - Leaving on May 25th

Is anything staying?

Yes! Earth Day will be permanently available on "Voice of the Forest". Because Earth Day isn't just once a year, it's every day!

Coming soon to AQ3D

May is a huge month for AdventureQuest3D! With May the 4th, a Friday the 13th, and all new promo items coming up, it’s gonna be great! The Nulgath Saga is progressing along, so keep an eye on @artixkrieger for more updates! 

See you in-game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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