Character Design: Priestess of the Void

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Join us in finalizing a new major character design

Our world's main story villain, Vane, is surrounding himself with loyal and powerful allies. Unwavering in her faith, the Priestess of the Void is a zealot dedicated to Vane's vision.

Priestess of the Void

The Priestess of the Void

The Priestess of the Void is the nihilistic voice of the Void King. Her sweetly stoic whispers convert the masses into the loving folds of nothingness. Her solemn duty is to evangelize the powerful, wicked, and useful to their further cause in the physical world. Her loyalty to Vane? Uncompromising. It is because of this dedication that she alone has the honor and burden of carrying the Key to Death's realm around her neck.

Design Choices

"The void-demon's in the details."

Above is a compilation of sketches by Dage. We would love your input on the head dress, blindfold, and details. For the head dress / back item-- we have a pointy version and the circular version. We like the pointy version, but it looks a little "Shadowsythe-y". But that might just be fine. What do you think? The key to Death's realm is somewhat large, so we were thinking of making it a part of the armor in such a way that it could not easily be removed from her. As for the blindfold-- we like both. You cannot use your physical eyes to see the world she promises... and it gives her an extra quality of mysterious. I like the visor shown in "B". We could, of course, just have this as something she wears when commanding her converted legions into battle. It is unlikely she would engage physically in combat herself. Her words are far more powerful than any weapon she may wield.

Please let us know which one you like best-- and any other ideas you have. Upon approval, the Priestess of the Void will be converted into 3D.


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