AdventureQuest Class Updates and New Treasure Chest Items

Glisel | Thursday, November 5, 2020

"A Classy, Treasure Filled Update"

The new AdventureQuest 3D version (1.59.1) just dropped and the Starter Classes got improvements, Treasure Chests are now stuffed with new items, and parties can join dungeons together. (An important step for our upcoming dungeon finder system)

Treasure Chest Items

  • Grave Warden armor set
  • Grave Warden Axe
  • Grave Warden Axe and Shield
  • Keeper of the Basilisk armor set
  • Keeper of the Basilisk Sword
  • Valkyrie of the Night armor set
  • Valkyrie of the Dawn armor set
  • Scarlet Sentry armor set
Dailiy Login Rewards

Each day you log in there is a chance to score new gear! AdventureQuest 3D gives you customization to make your character appear any way you want... and the freedom to switch classes and play how you want.

Start Class Update

Starter Class Improvements (and Guardian too!)

"We've heard your feedback about adding more skill to the game's combat. To address this, we've made changes to the starting classes to give them a more defined role, and spruced up the combat engine to make every encounter a more dynamic experience for you all. "- Rabblefroth

AQ3D Warrior


  • War Cry (Passive) is now a resource called Fury. Every spell grants 25 Fury, and at 100 Fury the next spell has +50% Power. Base Power of spells has been adjusted to compensate.
  • Auto Attack is now a 3-hit combo that deals more damage on the final hit.
  • Sever - Aggro bonus from damage increased from 0% to 75%
  • Whirlwind - Armor Break amount increased from 15% to 30% and duration reduced from 8s to 4s

AQ3D Mage


Mage has been heavily updated to be more active and give choices instead of just casting whatever spell is off cooldown. It uses Channeled spells that apply damage over time but require you to stand still, making positioning and planning important. We also wanted your Mana to matter, while keeping the feel of having an infinite amount.

  • Leylines (Passive) - Increases Haste by 10%
  • Fireball - Cast repeatedly to build Fire Aspect, increasing damage. Every third cast launches a powerful exploding fireball
  • Ice Spear - Cast repeatedly to regain Mana and build Ice Aspect, increasing Cast Speed. Every third cast launches a conjured lance of ice at your foe, Slowing and dealing Frost damage over time.
  • Lightning Storm - Channel lightning into your target, Stunning with the initial blast.
  • Meteor Volley - Channel to summon devastating meteors to annihilate your target and the surrounding area.

AQ3D Rogue


  • Auto Attacks - Now a 3-hit combo that applies 2 stacks of Poison on final hit.
  • Poison Strike - Applies 3 -> 2 stacks of Poison (Rank 6: reduced from 4 to 3 stacks)
  • Poison - Power per stack changed from 16 to 20, and duration increased from 4s to 5s
  • Scorpion Sting - Power reduced from 90 to 80
  • Heavy Poison - Power per stack increased from 32 to 35 (Rank 8: increased from 37 to 40), time damage is dealt over is reduced from 6s to 4s

AQ3D Guardian


  • Dragon's Breath - Aggro bonus from damage increased from 50% to 100%


Parties can now join dungeons together

When party leaders join public dungeons, the rest of the party can join the same instance. This is a vital part of the upcoming dungeon finder.


Noxus Boss Fight in the Tower of Necromancy

Coming next....

Expect to visit the reaper... X_X Dagger is building a level 30 fixed challenge Lich Boss Fight. It features two brand new brutal boss skills. The rewards  are worthy of it... both in stats and appearance.  Meanwhile, the AQ3D content team has been focusing on the Werewolf Coliseum (Darkovia Part IV). The maps are nearing completion as we are fang deep in cutscenes and NPCs. The coding team is working on phase 1 of Guilds and the Dungeon finder. 

Werewolf shield and sword items

See you in game... Battle on!


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