Class ranks... and Cross Skills!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Rank up your multiple classes!

In AdventureQuest 3D you can collect multiple classes like Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Guardian, DragonSlayer, Pirate, and many more soon (Looking straight at you Paladin and Necromancer). You can switch between your classes. Which means, if you need more ranged damage, switch to Mage and start casting fireballs. Need a healer? Does your raid party need a healer? No problem... simply wait until we release the Healer class and switch to it. Which raises the question-- what is the hold up on all the new classes? The answer: Class Ranks & Cross Skill features.

Class Rank

Soon, you will be able to rank up your classes. When you get a new class, it will start at level 1. Most of the skills will start locked. As you battle monsters, you will gain a special type of experience which will rank up your class unlocking skills, your ultimate, passives, and yes... oh yes.... Cross Skills.

Cross Skills

Cross skills are equippable skills that you can use with any class. Our current goal is to give you a new cross-skill every time you max out ranking up a class. For example, when you become a Rank 10 Pirate, you will get "Lucky Shot". Which you will equip to your skill bar (in the area where potions and travel forms are now.) You can use this skill even when you switch classes. Which will let you customize your class more and come up with clever build... especially when we add lots of them. (Sorta like watching how creative players have become using the increasing aestetic items in the game)

Feedback from the Testing Server

There has been a lot of excitement about ranking up the classes-- the progression feels good. But people are REALLY excited about the cross skills. However, we made a custom system to equip the cross skills which is currently very confusing. Also, we are waiting on art and animation on the new cross skills. Additionally, the existing skills need a little more balancing. For example, as a Mage you still get Fireball. But as you rank up, you get a passive to make your fireball even more powerful. You can imagine the tweaking here. Also... bugs. We found a lot of bugs.

The team is locked in one pretty heavy debate over "more customizability" vs "more balance". It is easy to give more freedom-- but almost impossible to give this level of freedom without completely breaking the balance of the game. Do you feel being able to equip one cross skill is enough? Maybe enough to get us started?

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