Class Ranks Progress Update

Cysero | Monday, December 3, 2018


One of the biggest suggestions we see is to add the ability to rank-up the various classes. Seems like people really enjoy the feeling of getting stronger as they unlock their skills and master a newly acquired class. Rabblefroth has been working and reworking the class system and he's made a lot of progress toward allowing players to do exactly that.

A lot of the Class Ranking system is still up in the air but there are a few things that I can share that we are pretty sure will make it into the final system. Here's a quick summary of what we've got so far.


When you get a new class you will have Auto Attack and your first class skill and that's all. Most likely, as in other games, as you get XP from combat, you will unlock the rest of the skills, passive, and the classes ultimate skill.

As you progress through the ranks you will also upgrade your unlocked skills, making them more powerful and viable. No matter what, you will either unlock a new skill or passive, or upgrade a skill with EVERY rank until you master the class and unlock your CROSS SKILL. There are no filler ranks.

Obviously this causes a few problems with Pirate where you need a reload skill and Ninja where every skill is necessary, so those classes would be exceptions and rank up differently, but they would still rank up and still have unlockable Cross Skills when you master the class.


The skills and passives that you unlock will be the ones that you already know, but we are adding something new to the classes to make combat more fun... CROSS SKILLS!

Cross skills are a new type of skill that will be the final unlock when ranking the class up. It will be an equipable skill which you can use with ANY class and every class will have a Cross Skill to unlock when you master the class. You will be able to mix and match classes and cross skills for new and interesting synergies. Each class will have only One Cross Skill which will be the final unlock when you master the class. 

EXAMPLE: When you rank your Warrior class all the way to the max rank, you will unlock Warrior's Cross Skill. If you think that Warrior's Cross Skill would work well with your newly acquired Guardian Class to fit your play-style, you can equip Guardian Class along with the Warrior Cross Skill. You should be able to mix and match any Cross Skill with any Class.


We think that the feeling of progress made when leveling up classes and increasing your strength, the ability to customize your classes a little by equipping different Cross Skills, and the incentives provided by collecting classes to increase your arsenal of available Cross Skills will make collecting and mastering every class more desirable and more fun all around.


We haven't even begun testing this internally yet, so the class ranking system is far from being release-ready. We will keep you updated as progress is made and we will let you know when we have a more detailed timeline is available.


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